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Cat Clipping Blog

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Cat Clipping Blog

Anyone who owns a long-haired cat will understand the need to regularly groom the coat to keep it in good condition. However even with habitual brushing, knots and tangles can form, especially under the tummy, throat and around the legs.

This may get gradually worse as the cat ages and is less capable of grooming themselves. Outdoor long-haired cats are more susceptible to matting due to collecting things from twigs and leaves in their fur.

When the fur does get matted, the only option is to remove them from the coat as they can spread quickly and be very uncomfortable for your cat. Veterinarians and groomers both offer services for de-matting, this can be very costly along with being a stressful experience for most cats.

In the worst cases, there are no other options than for the cat to be anesthetised in order to safely and completely clip the fur down to the skin to remove the matted coat. However, it is possible to remove smaller matts at home to prevent them from developing into much bigger problems.

Cat ClippersOur Showmate Cat Trimmer is ideal for quickly and safely clipping matts out of the fur. Unfortunately, no clipper or clipping blade will clip through a matt. The only way to remove them is to cut behind them, close to the skin.  Used without a guard, the Showmate has an adjustable dial on the collar of the trimmer which changes the cutting depth of the clip from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. It is light, easy to hold and comes with two rechargeable batteries that provide up to one hours clipping time each. They are very quiet compared to other clippers and are well tolerated by most cats.

Scissors can be used to cut matts out of the fur, but a cat’s skin is very delicate and it is easy to catch the skin my mistake. Only use scissors in conjunction with a metal comb to get behind the matt and protect the skin from accidental nicks. This can be very fiddly and often requires help from a second person. The Showmate trimmers feel much safer to use and the risk of catching the skin and damaging it is much less likely.

The great advantage of having your own pair of trimmers is that if your cat does get a few matts, you can spend a few minutes grooming them in the comfort of your own home with no rush to remove all the matts at once.  If your cat does get fed up of grooming after a while you can always wait to do little more later or the following day. As cats prefer to be handled on their own terms, this is ideal for cats that are really not fond of being groomed. Tip - bribery with a few treats also works well!

To use the trimmers, lay the blade flat against the skin and ensure loose skin folds are gently pulled taught. This prevents the trimmer from digging into the skin. Run a drop of oil along the blade every so often to keep blade running smoothly and clean regularly with the cleaning brush supplied. The blade for the Showmate trimmer is made from ceramic and titanium. We do have Shomate’s in regular use that have not needed to replace a blade in 6 years. They are even still clipping just as well now as the first time they were used.

Recent research of how much the average cost to have a cat groomed and de-matted at a professional groomer came to around £65. So purchasing your own trimmer, that will last for many years if well taken care of, really is a good investment. Along with regular grooming sessions to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The Masterclip Showmate cat trimmer comes in a smart carry case and is available in three different colours. Priced at just £59.99 including VAT and delivery to UK addresses.

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