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Horse Clippers

If you are looking for a pair of horse clippers, you have come to the right place. Whatever coat type you have to contend with, Masterclip has a clipping solution to suit you and your horses’ needs. Whether you have a fine coated thoroughbred, a traditional cob or even a problematic coat such as cushings.

Our comprehensive range includes everything from pocket-sized trimmers, to mains powered horse clippers that are suitable for light, medium or heavy-duty work. All budgets and expertise levels are catered for with our award-winning clippers.

We also have clippers that have revolutionary brushless motors that offer variable speeds of clipping. These clippers are ideal to use around the hard to reach and sensitive areas as you can turn down the speed but not lose any of the high torque power.

Our heavy-duty cordless horse clippers use the latest li-ion batteries which offer a fast charge time and approximately 4 hours of clipping. This does however depend on what type of coat you are clipping and the density and cleanliness of the hair. With no trailing power cables and the high-performance batteries neatly stored in the base of the handset, this type of cordless horse clipper is ideal for young or nervous horses.

All of our horse clippers have been carefully selected, tried, tested and approved and for total peace of mind, each clipper comes with a two-year warranty. Unlike many other retailers, we carry all spare parts for Masterclip so can always quickly service and repair our clippers, even when your warranty has expired.