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Comb Guides

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Comb guides are attached to your dog clippers to enable you to cut their hair efficiently at a particular length. These attachments play a crucial role in the length of your dog’s or horse’s hair.

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So, it’s essential to purchase and maintain premium comb guides to ensure that your clippers will work smoothly and give the results you want. 

To help you out, Masterclip offers an exceptional range of tried and tested comb guides - ensuring that you can clip your dog or horse’s hair to whatever length you desire.

We are well-known for our high-quality products, responsive customer care, and professional repair services.

With our exceptional range of dog clipper comb guides, you can trim your dog’s hair to the length you desire and ensure the best for your pet. Whether you’re a professional or beginner groomer, you’re guaranteed an exceptional trim with Masterclip. 

Our professional dog comb guides are designed with safety of your furry friend as a core feature, minimising the chance of any accidents during your trim.

Place your order for our premium, efficient and safe-to-use dog trimmer comb guides at Masterclip now!


Available in several sizes, our dog clipper comb guides are well-equipped to meet all of your requirements.

With different lengths to suit different areas of your animal’s body, you will find the perfect add-on to your clipper with our comb guides. 

To help you choose the perfect one, let’s take a detailed look at them!

16mm to 32mm Metal Comb Guides

These metal comb guides can get through any type of dog hair efficiently, ensuring a smooth trimming experience for your canine companion. These comb guides are compatible with all A5 dog clippers that have A5 snap-on/off blades. 

It should also be noted that these combs only fit on a 10F or 30F blade. Here’s a list of dog trimmer comb guide sizes that you can order on Masterclip:

  • Masterclip 16mmeasy-to-fit metal comb guide that cuts to 16mm (⅝")
  • Masterclip 19mm—spring-loaded metal comb guide that cuts to 19mm (¾")
  • Masterclip 22mm—an efficient metal comb guide that clips to 22mm (⅞")
  • Masterclip 25mm—a smooth cutting metal comb guide that trims to 25mm (1")
  • Masterclip 32mm—an easy-to-use metal comb guide that cuts to 32mm (1¼")

Select the one that’s perfect for your companion for a smooth clipping experience. Order now to get free and fast delivery on your comb guides!

9 Pack Clipper Comb Guides

Perfect for dog trimming professionals, this pack features a spring loaded and easy-to-fit set of metal comb guides to offer you options of cutting depths. You can attach these comb guides to the Masterclip Pedigree Pro Clipper, or any other A5 Andis, Oster, Moser Max, or Aesculap Fav5 clippers. 

This 9-pack comb set consists of the following comb guides:

  • 3mm—⅛" 
  • 6mm—¼"
  • 10mm—⅜"
  • 13mm—½"
  • 16mm—⅝"
  • 19mm—¾"
  • 22mm—⅞"
  • 25mm—1"
  • 32mm—1¼"

Get your set of professional dog comb guides from Masterclip now to get the best clipping results! 


As one of the leading dog and horse clipping brands in the UK, Masterclip provides premium and high-quality clippers and grooming products to both professionals and beginners. 

We offer excellence and quality in all our products and to prove that, we offer you a 2-year warranty to ensure maximum satisfactionafter purchasing them. 

Additionally, with our professional customer service, we assure you that any of your questions and concerns regarding our products will be answered efficiently and promptly. 

What’s more, we also offer the best spare parts and accessories required for your trimmers and clippers, so you can achieve the best results from them.

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