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When it comes to sheep trimming, using the best quality clipping gear is essential. With Masterclip, you are ensured top-notch products that make sheep shearing both safe and easy.

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Masterclip are specialists in providing clipping solutions. Our range of mains powered and cordless battery-operated sheep clippers are designed and engineered specifically for farm use. Robust, reliable and easy to maintain – Masterclip sheep and livestock clippers will prove their worth time and time again.

Choosing to use the best sheep clippers on the market can be of great value to you, especially if you are in the sheep-shearing business. With the right sheep shearing equipment, you not only retrieve wool but you also ensure that the quality of the wool is preserved. 

The safety of your sheep is also an important factor to consider. Investing in the right type of sheep shears and clippers can make the entire process easy, without harming your flock. 

With our sheep clippers and shears, you’ll receive quality tools that can function smoothly for a very long time and at an affordable price too.


The process has to feel comfortable for both you and the sheep, which is something that Masterclip can guarantee. All of our clipping products are made keeping in mind the ease and comfort of our clients, as well as their animals. 

Within our wide range of sheep shears and clippers, you will find everything from cordless sheep clippers to multihead and multiblade livestock clippers for sale. 

That is not all—we also offer a wide range of accessories for your shearing tools, like shearing and dagging blades in a variety of sizes, as well as batteries and clipper oil. 

At Masterclip, you can find everything you need to ensure safe and easy sheep shearing. Our products are made to ensure quality and efficiency, which is why they are guaranteed to give you the best results

Due to our affordable prices, you are also guaranteed great value for money when you purchase our excellent sheep hair trimmers in the UK.


At Masterclip, we offer a variety of sheep shearing tools. Our range of sheep shears include cordless sheep clippers, sheep shearing machines, multihead livestock clippers and multiblade cordless livestock clippers.

Let's take a look at some of their key features.

Cordless Sheep Clippers

These are heavy duty cordless sheep shears that are ideal for all year round shearing. Made from high quality material, our cordless sheep shearers can guarantee an easy, hassle-free shearing experience.  

Key Features:

  • Run time: 2 hours per battery
  • Charge time: 2.5 hours per battery
  • Motor size : 200 W
  • Cutting speed: 2500 rpm
  • 2 x 6000 mAh Li-ion batteries

Sheep Shearing Machines 

Our heavy duty sheep shearing machines are lightweight and come with a permanent motor, which is perfect for all year round dagging and shearing.

Key Features:

  • Motor size: 200 W
  • Cutting speed: 2600 rpm
  • Comes with 1 set of dagging blades
  • 200 W mains powered sheep shearing machine
  • Perfect for small flocks
  • Ideal for dagging and shearing

Multihead Sheep, Horse, and Cattle Clippers

Our multihead clippers are air cooled, 200 W mains powered and are ideal for dagging, shearing, dirty cattle, and horse clipping. 

They are lightweight for ease of use and come with a permanent motor. 

Key Features:

  • Includes 1 shearing head and 1 set of dagging blades
  • 1 cattle/horse clipping head with 1 set of A2 1.5 mm Lister compatible blades 
  • 2600 rpm cutting speed
  • Perfect machine for livestock and heavy duty horse clipping

Multiblade Cordless Livestock Clippers

Our multiblade clippers come with the option of multiple blades and are cordless to facilitate dagging and shearing. They are the perfect machines for anyone with a small flock of sheep, horses, or cattle.

Key Features:

  • Includes 1 x livestock blade suitable for dagging sheep/dirty cattle
  • Also includes 1 x horse/show cattle clipping blade
  • Ideal for heavy duty horse clipping or show cattle
  • Ideal for light shearing/dagging on sheep and dirty cattle
  • Masterclip blades compatible with Lister clippers
  • Run time: 1 hour per battery
  • Fast cutting speed: 2300 rpm


Masterclip also offers a range of sturdy and efficient dagging/shearing blades that are ideal for your sheep shears and sheep clippers.

Key Features:

  • Fast and free delivery
  • Lister compatible
  • Heiniger compatible


At Masterclip, we work hard to maintain the quality of our products and services, which is why each of our products are carefully selected to ensure efficiency and ease for our clients.

We believe that our clients deserve only the best. That is why our premium quality clipping and shearing products come with a 2 year warranty. 

We also provide free delivery for all of our products and ensure that your purchased items are delivered to you quickly. Along with first class customer service, we also provide spare parts, as well as repair services for our clipping and shearing products. 

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