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Shearing & Dagging Blades

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Whether you are a smallholder or sheep farmer wanting to keep your flock looking their best, dagging and shearing blades are a must-have tool for any kit.

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Masterclip dagging blades are designed specifically for trimming the fleece on a sheep. They are perfect for targeted dagging work out in the field, cleaning tails and clearing areas affected by fly strike. These versatile blades feature a comb with 13 teeth and a front cutter with 4 teeth for an even finish enabling the safe shearing around even delicate areas.

A popular choice with the small holder these blades are also suitable for all purpose shearing. Truly multi-functional they can also be used on dirty cattle and for the seasonal clipping of alpaca and llama. These two-part blades leave a neat, close-cut finish. 


•    Fits the Masterclip Outback, Ram3000 and HD Roamer sheep shearer

•    A standard design compatible with Heiniger sheep clippers

•    Can be sharpened multiple times

•    Suitable for all areas of the sheep 


The Masterclip shearing blade is a multi-purpose blade set with a convex design to easily lift the wool and allows for quick access and an efficient shear. This right-handed blade has a 95mm wide comb with 13 teeth. The front cutter has 4 teeth. The comb features fine tips and strong teeth that allows the blade to travel very evenly over the whole body of the sheep to give a good finish.

A popular choice with farmers wishing to shear their own flock - these shearing blades are easy to use and a great allrounder blade for novice shearers as well as seasoned professionals. These Masterclip sheep shearing blades are perfect for creating clean, precise lines and achieving a professional finish. 


•    Fits the Masterclip Outback, Ram3000 and HD Roamer sheep shearer

•    High grade steel – stays sharper for longer

•    Functional and practical design

•    Compatible with the main brands of clippers

Enhance your toolkit with Masterclip’s professional shearing and dagging blades, perfect for all the essential seasonal trimming and shearing tasks. Give the fleeces of your sheep a professional appearance and add these essential blades to your maintenance kit today!