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Trimming Your Dog

It can be a traumatic and uncomfortable experience for some dogs if they are not used to being clipped, that is why it’s important to have a good pair of dog clippers which are up to the job. Our selection of dog trimmers and clippers have been specifically chosen to cover a wide selection of dog breeds, from cordless to multi-speed, they are designed to take the hassle out of the whole process. Whether you want to give your dog a small tidy up trim or want to be more adventurous and give him an all over clip, the prospect can seem quite daunting if you have not clipped before. The job in hand can be made easy by having the right tools, that is why Masterclip have created bespoke dog clipper sets for each breed of dog.

Our Professional Dog Trimmers

Our selection of professional products are perfect for home use making it easier than ever to keep your dog looking good all year round.
Our dog trimmers come with different length attachments that allow you to have maximum control over how much or little fur to shave off. All our trimmers have been tried and tested to ensure they are suitable for your breed of dog. Whether you need a small trimmer, heavy duty clipper or grooming essentials, we have the right tools to help keep your dog in tip top condition.

Why Choose Us for Dog Trimmers?

We pride ourselves on our high quality products, as well as offering expert advice and guidance on dog trimmers. We can also provide more information on horse clippers, sheep shears, cattle clippers, cat trimmers and rabbit trimmers.
Our products are so versatile, they are used by professional groomers, competition yards, veterinary practices, farmers as well as home users.
We believe that our passion allows us to understand our customers and our products and this is why Masterclip is fast becoming the number one place to buy dog trimmers, horse clippers and all animal grooming related products. Whether your dog needs a little grooming or a lot, our variety of dog trimmers, clippers and blades will make it easy for you to keep your dog looking its best.