Masterclip Animal Clippers Blog

  • When should you do the last clip?

    January? March? Never? There are many theories as to when is the right time to carry out the last winter clip for your horse so that it doesn’t int...
  • Clipper Maintenance

    At this time of year, we see many horse clippers come into our workshop that are in a terrible state. It really is worth looking after your clippers as this will ensure that they are in good working condition when you need to clip your horse.
  • Cordless Clipping

    Make clipping your horse this season quick, easy and safe with a set of cordless clippers from Masterclip.
  • How to change the laminated springs on a Heiniger style clipper head

    Laminated springs are an important part of some heavy duty horse clippers that have the traditional Heiniger style head. From our range this includes the Ranger, HD Roamer and Multihead.
  • European Plugs for Horse and Dog clippers

    Due to the current exchange rate and the value of the pound, our clippers offer exceptional value for international customers.
  • Give them something they really want for Christmas

    Thinking of purchasing horse clippers for a loved one this Christmas but don’t know where to start? This blog post gives you the run down of our horse clipper and trimmer options to help you find the perfect match.

    We offer a range of clippers and trimmers and are often asked by our customers which clipper would be the most suitable or their particular needs. This can vary so much between horse owners, depending on how much clipping they do, the type of clipping (partial or full), the type of coat they are clipping, (such as fine thoroughbreds or coarse cob coats) and also suitability for youngstock or nervous horses.
  • Winter survival guide for Horses & Dogs

    Even though the winter can be lots of fun for all the family, it can cause problems for our animals. Here is some advice to help keep your four legged friends warm and safe from danger during the cold winter months.

  • Not all shampoos are made equal

    Whilst there are hundreds of different pet shampoos on the market, is it really worth investing in a natural or organic pet shampoo?
  • Cat Clipping Blog

    Anyone who owns a long-haired cat will understand the need to regularly groom the coat to keep it in good condition. However even with habitual brushing, knots and tangles can form, especially under the tummy, throat and around the legs.
  • Trimming your dogs feet

    Dogs that have a lot of hair around the feet can be prone to matting. Matts can even form in between the toes, causing your dog much discomfort.

  • Heiniger vs Lister vs Wolseley – knowing the difference between the clipper heads

    There seems to be some confusion about clipper heads and what blades they take. If you use a heavy duty horse clipper, it will either have a head that takes Wolseley, Heiniger or Lister style blades.
  • Lamb Clipping

    The first lambs of the year are now frolicking around the fields and what a great sight that is to see! A sure sign that spring is imminent and the warmer weather is approaching.