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Masterclip Animal Clippers Blog

  • Horse Grooming Tips for a Summer Show or Competition

    Horse Grooming Tips for a Summer Show or Competition

    You’ve dedicated countless hours to riding and training, meticulously managing your horse’s health and exercise routine, and now they are in peak condition for the summer. With show day approaching,...

    Loz Dorey |

  • A black and white collie lays in the spring grass amongst yellow dandelions

    Springtime Dog Care

    May is finally here and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the long daylight hours, enjoying late dog walks in the warmer, sunnier weather. Regular physical activity is...

    Lauren Dorey |

  • Partially clipped horse showing long dense winter coat and short, sleek clipped coat

    Banishing Lice: A Comprehensive Guide for Horse Owners

    As a horse owner, one of the challenges you may face is dealing with lice infestations. These pesky parasites multiply rapidly, causing discomfort and irritation to your horse. Heavy infestations...

    Lauren Dorey |

  • Why is my blade not cutting?

    Why is my blade not cutting?

    There are several factors that can cause a clipper blade to chew or grab at the hair instead of smoothly and effortlessly cutting through your dog's coat. The most apparent...

    Lauren Dorey |

  • two young lambs being held carefully by the farmer

    Lambing… It’s That Time Of Year Again

    Lambs are particularly vulnerable in wet conditions, so they are kept in open fronted sheds to ‘harden’ them off before being turned out to grass in March. This helps them...

    Lauren Dorey |

  • Why Do We Clip Horses? Equine Health Examined

    Why Do We Clip Horses? Equine Health Examined

    To non-horsey folk, clipping the hair short on a horse or pony might seem a very peculiar and unnecessary cosmetic choice. However, clipping plays a vital role in our equines...

    Lauren Dorey |