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Grooming Your Pet

Regular grooming is very important for the wellbeing of your pet. This can involve everything from daily brushing, to bathing, scissoring and coat clipping.

This regular interaction with your dog will also help further develop your relationship ensuring a lifelong bond with your four legged friend. Although some pet owners take their dogs to be trimmed by the professional groomers, you can achieve the same effect with our bespoke dog clipper sets that are tailor made for each breed of dog.

Our dog clippers are used nationwide and are very easy to use. Considering they have heavy duty professional style motors, they are relatively quiet when in use which means they are easy for the novice to use whilst clipping at home.


Pet Clippers: What We Offer?

To help keep your animals looking their best, we offer a comprehensive range of pet clippers and grooming accessories for rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, sheep and cattle.

Our products include grooming brushes, metal combs, pet clippers, scissors and a range of accessories. All breeds of dog are catered and our range is suitable for all terrier type coats; smooth or wiry, to the long double coated breeds, right through to the non shedding poodle derivatives.


Why Choose Our Pet Clippers?

Because we are passionate about clipping and know our products inside out, this should be a good enough reason for you to choose our clippers. Our range of pet clippers are used by our team of trusted professional groomers so we know what will work and what won’t work on your dog.

Why not give us a call and let us help you make the right decisions in pet grooming products. Unlike many other retailers, our pet clippers come with a 2 year warranty offering you total peace of mind. More importantly we carry all spare parts for Masterclip so can always service and repair your pet clippers, even when your warranty has expired.