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Sheep Shears

If you're looking for a quick solution to clip your sheep whether dagging, crutching, docking, light shearing or hair removal for fly strike then Masterclip has a clipper for you.

Masterclip are specialists in providing clipping solutions. Our collection of mains powered and cordless battery-operated sheep clippers are designed and engineered specifically for agricultural use. Robust, reliable and easy to maintain – Masterclip livestock clippers will prove their worth time and time again. 

Masterclip have a select range of hand held, mains powered, corded electric and fully portable rechargeable battery-operated cordless handpieces. For ultimate peace of mind these devices have been fully factory tested and extensively trialled in the field by shearing professionals. Each clipper comes fitted with a set of quality steel blades to easily glide through the wool. 

Shear Cordless

High performance cordless sheep clippers - Untether from heavy equipment and bring the clipper to the flock.

Masterclip offer an unparalleled selection of multi-purpose cordless sheep shearing clippers that will enable total freedom whilst maintaining the health of your flock. Being able to clip effortlessly whilst being unhampered by dangling cables is of huge advantage – saving precious time and resources. Ideal for dagging, crutching, tailing, belly clipping, fleece removal and light shearing. Masterclip cordless clippers are proven to be the ultimate choice for the professional sheep farmer, small holders and those with pet sheep and goats. Cordless solutions are particularly ideal for seasonal jobs such as targeting fly strike when portability is of great benefit. 

Masterclip cordless sheep clippers feature long lasting, fast charging batteries that are held securely in position within the clipper thanks to flexible tabs . Each clipper set is supplied with a set of two battery packs that are neatly positioned within the clipper housing. The spare battery and the charging unit are supplied within the well-equipped carry case that will ensure that clipping is never needlessly interrupted. 

Key features

•    Suitable for all breeds of sheep from commercial to rare breeds and natives

•    Rechargeable animal clipper

•    Well balanced in the hand

•    Perfect for smaller flocks

•    Easy blade set up and adjustment 

Go Electric

Mains powered high quality sheep shearing machines and sheep shearing equipment.

Masterclip have a varied selection of robust mains powered electric sheep clippers that offer ultimate safety and reliability. 

Browse our selection of mains powered sheep clippers, designed with modern, slim handpieces that will provide a shearing experience as easy and convenient as a hang-up, line fed machine.

Ideal for the farmer and small holder who have easy access to mains power in the yard. Each mains powered clipper has a generous length of cabling and for ultimate peace of mind Masterclip can provide circuit breakers to ensure safe usage. A residual current device the RCD is an automatically operated electric switch designed to protect you and your animal whilst clipping.

Smooth running, technically innovative with lightweight and heavyweight options available – whatever the requirement, Masterclip are sure to have a suitable clipping solution. All clippers are supplied within a sturdy carry case and come fitted with a set of quality steel blades and essential accessories.

Great for shearing small flocks, dagging and belly clipping – these dual purpose clippers are also suitable for cattle backs and tails.

Key features

•    Hardwearing and durable

•    Suitable for all breeds of sheep

•    Fits comfortably into the hand to allow for anti-fatigue

•    Suitable for commercial and rare breeds

•    Engineered for agricultural use

Why choose Masterclip? 

Customers can be reassured that each clipper has been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure only approved, reliable, high-performance machines feature in our collection. For additional peace of mind all Masterclip clippers are accompanied by a two-year warranty, which automatically commences on the date of purchase. 

Not only that but Masterclip have a fully resourced service and repair workshop to ensure that your clipper can be easily maintained in optimum condition beyond the warranty period.

With support provided by a first-class customer service team, available to answer any queries or concerns that might arise over the years of ownership, owning a Masterclip clipper is sure to be a recommendable experience. Spare parts, additional blades and general accessories are available from the Masterclip online storefront – telephone orders are also welcome. 

Masterclip Offer: 

•    Fast and free UK delivery of quality animal clippers

•    Efficient and highly knowledgeable servicing and repair department 

•    Free technical advice and customer service from our friendly team

•    Two year warranty on all clippers and shearing machines

•    Same working day despatch for orders received by 1pm