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Heavy Duty Horse Clippers

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Masterclip is one of the leading suppliers of clippers in the UK, featuring an amazing range of heavy duty horse clippers that have been tried and tested by several animal owners.

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During the change of the seasons as the weather gets colder horses, ponies and donkeys will naturally grow their coats for protection and warmth. Clipping the hair is advisable if the equine is being ridden or for maintenance / welfare purposes. It is important to give due consideration to the choice of clipper as there are many options available and some will more suitable than others. Horses that are particularly sensitive may require a quieter machine, heavier coated breeds may need an alternative blade - it certainly isn't a case that one size fits all! 

This is why it’s important for you to use the best clippers to ensure that your horses are healthy and safe during the process of grooming and clipping them. At Masterclip, we offer the best heavy duty horse clippers available on the market and will deliver them to your doorstep.

By purchasing from our range of heavy duty horse clippers, you will ensure that you can clip through the roughest of hair while also making sure that your companion is comfortable. 

What’s more, we assure you that all of our horse clippers are durable and will last for a long time. Browse through our collection today!


Tested by experienced horse care professionals, our massive range of premium heavy duty horse clippers are durable and effective for clipping multiple horses. 

These clippers offer durability, great strength and maximum efficiency, which helps to ensure that you get the best clipping experience. On the rare occasion that you find an issue with our clippers, we also offer a two-year warranty to keep our promise of providing an excellent product. 


  • Heavy duty mains that are powered by more than 200 W
  • Lightweight
  • High torque and permanent magnetic motor
  • Two-year warranty
  • Modern and ergonomic designs
  • Quick and easy blade change system

At Masterclip, we offer efficiency and elegance through our heavy duty horse clippers, which can fulfil all of your horse grooming needs. The best part, these are suitable for both beginners and professional groomers. 

Why Choose Masterclip?

If something goes wrong, we offer spare parts and repair services for our products—all you need to do is contact our reliable customer care team. We also offer free delivery on every one of our fantastic products, so you receive the best experience possible.

Now is the best time to order our products and make the process of clipping your horse easier.

Get the best heavy-duty master clips delivered at your doorstep by ordering them at Masterclip and if you have any enquires, you can contact us here.