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Cat Trimmers

If you are looking for a professional selection of cat grooming tools Masterclip has all you need to keep your cat’s fur silky smooth and matt free.

Most cats love a bit of attention and grooming is the purrfect way of strengthening the bond between you and our beloved pet. Masterclip stock a range of cat friendly trimmers, grooming accessories, brushes and scissors that your feline friend is bound to love!

Masterclip have curated a fantastic selection of practical cat grooming products suitable for all breeds of cat and kitten. Sometimes it is inevitable that your cat will need some maintenance trimming - Masterclip cordless trimmers are specially designed to clip sensitive pets enabling them to stay relaxed and calm – and maybe even enjoy the experience!

Grooming your cat at home can be a wonderful experience. Treat your cat with care and respect and use only the best products that are gentle on their skin. Brushing you cat improves the quality and health of the fur and helps remove any dirt, dander and loose coat. It also stimulates oil production in the coat and improves the overall condition of the skin – giving your cat a healthy glow!


Grooming the reluctant cat

Cats are probably the most difficult of pets to groom and they have very sensitive skin and sometimes not the most tolerant of dispositions! To make the process easier and more comfortable for your cat you need to make sure you use only the best quality products. You can guarantee that any cat grooming accessory from Masterclip will be thoughtfully designed to ensure that your cat will be comfortable and remain healthy and happy throughout the groom. Cat slicker brushes are ideal for introducing a cat to being groomed – they have massaging pins and are very gentle.

Grooming long haired cats and elderly cats

Long haired cats and elderly can benefit from regular grooming to keep tangles and matts at bay. Elderly cats who are unable to groom themselves properly and struggle to keep their coat in good order are particularly prone to matting on the legs, belly and sanitary area.

If you are looking for a quiet cat trimmer Masterclip have the solution in our award-winning fully cordless clipper designed to make easy work of trimming even the most troublesome of areas. Thanks to the trimmers small size and quiet operation, it is well tolerated too even by the more nervous pets. Suitable for carefully removing small matts and tangles from the coat and for maintenance trims.

Cat clippers can also be used to achieve full body trims – either for health reasons or to help control the amount of hair shedding or matting. The lion cut for cats is one of the most popular and familiar styles in which the cat has a full body clip from the shoulders to the base of the tail. Our Masterclip cat trimmer is perfectly designed to achieve the lion clip or teddy bear clip and will leave an attractive short, neat velvety finish.

Available in three irresistible colours, our lightweight and quiet cat trimmers allow for a greater level of precision and accuracy while grooming.

Key Features of the Showmate II

•    Low vibration

•    Ergonomic design fits neatly into the hand

•    Entirely cordless trimming

•    Rechargeable Li-ion battery 

•    Available in three vibrant colours

•    Quiet running

•    Approx 4 hour run time to a fully charged battery

•    2-year warranty

With some of the best features, our quiet cat friendly trimmers makes easy work of grooming nervous pets. 

Coping with loose cat hair and preventing hairballs

Cats shed a lot of hair! This is a natural part of their hair growth and loss cycle. Avoid having to endlessly vacuum your carpets by giving your cat a weekly groom with a slicker brush. These brushes have delicate pins that gently remove loose coat and massage the skin at the same time. Removing as much of the loose hair as possible also helps to reduce fur balls.

Cat grooming scissors

For any matts and tangles in the coat of your cat careful trimming with scissors may help. Masterclip have a range of specially selected, high-performance scissors. Bull nose safety scissors can used to gently remove small mats but great care must be taken as cats have particularly delicate skin.

Cat nail clippers

To help prevent cats scratching the furniture regular trimming of their nails with small nail clippers will be beneficial. House cats in particular may struggle to keep their own nails well-trimmed, Masterclip small pet nail clippers are great to take just the very tips off each nail. Regular trimming of your pets’ nails will stop the claws from growing too long and prevent damage to your soft furnishings. 

Check out the full range of cat grooming accessories on the Masterclip cat clipping page.