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Cattle Clippers

A selection of all purpose cattle clippers from Masterclip

Masterclip Cattle Clippers

It is important to choose the right clipper in order to ensure your livestock are looking their best. Masterclip are specialists in providing the right tools for the job and have a wealth of knowledge and a comprehensive selection of products to match.

Choosing the right cattle clipper will depend on the type of coat you are clipping, the density of the hair, cleanliness of the coat and the purpose for clipping – for example maintenance or presentation.

Key features

•    Fast, powerful easy clipping

•    Superior handling and professional performance

•    Cordless versions are totally portable and can be used in any location

•    Mains powered options available up to 300W

Show / Clean Cattle Clippers

Perfect for tidying up for shows and sale preparation. 

Show cattle clippers will provide a closer, cleaner and neater finish. These clippers are designed for clipping coats in fairly good order – for dirty stall cattle Masterclip have a range of alternative options. 

Masterclip offer cordless and mains powered clipper options and also variable speed handsets that allow for safe and hassle-free clipping of even the most nervous of animals. Featuring lightweight, slim grip designs with easy to use blade systems, it is guaranteed that will find the perfect solution for your needs amongst the Masterclip range of cattle clippers. 

Heavy Duty Dirty Cattle Clippers

Intended primarily for dirty, stall cattle but some models can be modified for use on show cattle with the appropriate comb and blade. These heavy-duty clippers are multi-functional and offer many benefits: durable, lightweight and heavyweight options available, battery powered or corded electric – whatever model of clipper you can be reassured that all are designed for frequent use on dairy cattle, beef cattle and general livestock including sheep dagging and shearing. 

Masterclip high performance cattle clippers are suitable for a multitude of tasks from belly clipping, general dirty cattle clipping including tails, backs of wintered stall cattle and cleaning up before slaughter. 

Battery powered options provide a solution where power supply is not available or the clipping location is in a challenging environment. 

Key features: 

•    Different power choices - between variable speed, DC, AC, permanent magnetic motors

•    Easy to use and clear instructions provided

•    Blades and cutters are compatible with other brands such as Heiniger, Lister, Beiyuan

•    Ergonomic, modern designs

Cattle Trimmers

Masterclip stock a range of exceptionally quiet, lightweight and highly portable clipping solutions ideal for show cattle and veterinary procedures such as TB testing. Cordless options allow for continuous clipping thanks to fast charging Li-ion batteries and easy charging. No trailing power cables ensures Masterclip cordless trimmers are highly convenient and perfect for all year-round use, sale preparation and last minute touch ups on show cattle. 

Corded, mains powered cattle trimmers are reliable and convenient to use. With a generous cable length, manoeuvring around the stock will be effortless. We would always advise running a mains powered clipper off an RCD for safety and peace of mind. There are many benefits to mains powered cattle clippers; they do not require charging – they are instantly ready for use, can be lighter in weight than battery clippers that carry the power pack in the handset and access to greater power – the Masterclip Ram 3000 features a massive 300W motor. 

Masterclip appreciates that the expectations of customers are high and that these clipping sets are going to be worked hard and used frequently. Masterclip only stock clippers that have been rigorously tried and tested and are up to the demands of modern farming. 

Key features

•    Suitable for all year round or seasonal jobs 

•    Clippers to suit small or larger herds

•    Low maintenance

•    Two year warranty on all clipper sets

Each clipper has been researched and developed to ensure only approved, reliable, high-performance machines feature in our collection. For additional peace of mind all Masterclip clippers are accompanied by a two-year warranty, which automatically commences from the date of purchase. Not only that but Masterclip have a well-stocked service and repair workshop to ensure that your clipper can be maintained in optimum working order for many years to come. 

Masterclip also have a first-class customer service team, readily available to answer any queries, questions or concerns that might arise over the course of ownership. Spare parts, additional blades and general accessories are available from the Masterclip online shopfront.