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Masterclip specialises in animal clippers and has put together a range of professional products that will supplement your veterinary equipment and will be an asset to your practice.

Masterclip are a professional online retailer offering an exemplary range of clippers for animals large and small. Thoughtfully designed with function and durability a primary concern our award-winning clippers will be an asset to any veterinary practice. 

It is important to use the right clippers. Whether it is taking off a small patch for a catheter or injection site or a larger area for a cow caesarean. Masterclip specialise in animal clipping and we can tailor make a clipper set that is right for you and your needs. 

All of our veterinary focused products are affordable and reliable saving money and giving you greater peace of mind. 

Designed for both professionals and home the home user, Masterclip clippers have been tried and tested and are used nationwide in many veterinary practices. 

No job too large or small. Masterclip have a clipper designed for all tasks - if there is an animal that needs clipping - you can guarantee that Masterclip can provide the perfect clipper for the job! 


The trimmer is the winner! 

 Introducing the Showmate II trimmer - a trimmer so functional it suits any task: From providing a surgical finish to clearing an area of hair for TB testing - this clipper can do it all. With a long battery life and fast recharge, it is ideal for both in and out of the surgery. As a bonus it is available in a selection of three scrumptious colours so every nurse or vet can choose their favourite! Handily packaged in a neat travel case for safe storage with room for additional accessories - you really wouldn't to go anywhere without your Showmate II! 

Make your clipping stand out

With the Showmate II you can provide each animal with a neat, professional clip. No owner wants to pick up their pooch from the vets and find their fur has been trimmed in an untidy fashion. This trimmer delivers a super-smooth finish in a surgical length with no rough edges or unsightly tram lines. 

Key features

  • Adjustable blade cutting depth
  • Neat and ergonomic
  • Quiet running with low vibration
  • Entirely portable with no trailing cables
  • Fast recharge li-ion battery


Medium duty clipping, high end performance

Discover the cordless clipper that every vet and vet nurse deserve! Work unimpeded by power cables or choose a relentless, mains powered, dual speed clipper – whatever your requirements, Masterclip have got it covered. 

Large animal, heavy duty clippers

Highly versatile - popular with large animal vets for TB testing, preparing scanning sites, nerve blocking, cow caesareans - the list goes on. These heavy duty clippers are designed for frequent use on dairy cattle, beef cattle and general livestock including sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas. 

Masterclip high performance cattle clippers are suitable for a multitude of tasks from belly clipping and cleaning up general dirty cattle. 

Battery powered options are the perfect solution for challenging environments where a power supply is not available. 

Veterinary Accessories

Masterclip have collated a comprehensive collection of items for veterinary professionals. From bull nose safety scissors to short cut surgical blades – everything a busy vet practice may require has been considered.  

Why choose Masterclip? 

•    Each purchase comes with the reassurance of complete customer satisfaction 

•    Clippers that are designed for optimum performance and reliability

•    With thoughtful and intelligent features

•    Deal directly with the manufacturer and supplier

•    Spare parts and aftercare all part of the customer experience with Masterclip

•    Aftercare provided by our friendly team at Masterclip, based in rural Leicestershire