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Rabbit Trimmers

Maintaining a healthy coat for your rabbit is really important so Masterclip has provided a range of professional trimmers and accessories that are perfect to help you achieve that.

Rabbits without doubt make wonderful, popular and family friendly pets so it is no wonder that many owners want to buy the best for their bunny.  

Treat your rabbit to quality grooming products

Regular grooming enhances your rabbit’s coat and is a great time to bond with your pet. Regular grooming with quality rabbit grooming brushes and combs will keep the fur in healthy condition and prevent the formation of uncomfortable mats, knots and tangles. Irritation of the skin can lead to infections or fly strike, which can sadly prove deadly to rabbits.


Choosing a suitable brush for your rabbit

To keep your rabbit in good health, remove excess hair with a rabbit slicker brush or metal combination rabbit grooming comb. These will help to gently prevent tangles from forming. The slicker brush is the ideal grooming tool for removing loose hairs, dead undercoat, for smoothing the top coat and removing tangles. If you routinely bath your rabbit be sure to choose a shampoo specially formulated for sensitive skin – Masterclip stock the sensational Wildwash range of shampoos and flea deterrents. Rabbit slicker brushes can be use pre and post bathing and are suitable for all long and short coated breeds. The brush features flexible, cushioned pins and needs to be used carefully with not too much pressure. 

Our best-selling Masterclip flea comb is also a great option for cleaning out any dander and smaller particles in the coat. With a single row of closely positioned teeth any debris trapped within the coat will be effortlessly removed.


Rabbit grooming checklist

  • Metal combination /wide toothed comb
  • Slicker brush designed for rabbits
  • Flea comb for removing fine debris in the coat
  • Low vibration and quiet running trimmer for clipping out matted areas
  • Nail clippers for tidying toenails
  • Scissors for careful matt removal and trimming up paws and sanitary areas

Frequency of grooming a rabbit

This depends on coat type. Particularly long-haired rabbits should be brushed every day. Short haired rabbits can be groomed just once a week. During times of seasonal shedding it is wise to groom your rabbit more often.

Is there a trimmer ideally suited to rabbits?

Yes! Masterclip have designed a rabbit friendly trimmer perfect for clipping the feet and rear (sanitary trim) and any matted areas for optimum comfort of your rabbit. We recognise that rabbits are very sensitive creatures and can be easily frightened. Our rabbit trimmer is reassuringly quiet with exceptionally low vibration so even the most nervous rabbits can be groomed with ease. Masterclip rabbit trimmers are made with the highest quality materials to help your rabbit healthy, hygienic and happy. These intelligently designed clippers are incredibly easy to use and deliver a short, neat trim.


Key features

  • Dual speed so you can select the slower or faster tempo
  • Clear LED display to indicate battery status
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Suitable for all breeds of rabbit
  • Lightweight and comfortable in the hand


If you would like to speak to a member of the team about your purchase, or would just like some more information about our products, please contact the Masterclip first-class customer service and technical departments by telephone or through the "contact us" section of the website.