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Rabbit Trimmers

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Masterclip pocket-sized trimmers are designed to be rabbit friendly for a quick and easy trim with low vibration and noise.

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Rabbit trimmers and grooming kits

Masterclip rabbit trimmers are an innovative grooming tool that you would not want to be without. Packed full of desirable features - they are guaranteed to ensure a pleasant, rabbit-friendly clipping experience.

Suitable for all breeds of rabbit including soft coated French Angora, English lop, English spot, Dutch rabbit, Belgian hare rabbit, Californian rabbit – and for those wanting a bit more bunny for their money -  Giant rabbits!

Each and every bunny rabbit of course has its own unique personality and character of their own. They love to be social and thrive when in the company of their own species and can develop a strong bond with their owners. They are sensitive creatures and can get worried easily so it is important to recognise the signs when they are not happy. Grooming your rabbit can help you get to know your bunny better and with the Masterclip range of products designed with rabbits in mind you can be sure that they will enjoy a safe and comfortable groom.

With a pet as sensitive as the rabbit it is important to only use a trimmer that you can trust they will tolerate. Fortunately Masterclip have the answer and have developed a trimmer that is smooth running with low vibration and features a two speed setting – so it can be run at a lower speed when necessary.


Key features:

  • Fun and functional - available in three juicy colours
  • Dual speed
  • Neat and highly portable
  • Manoeuvrable around even smaller rabbits
  • Trims neatly and leaves the coat soft and smooth

The trimmer is available as an individual item or as part of a rabbit grooming set that includes specially selected grooming accessories.

Slicker brush

This small sized slicker is ideal for removing loose coat and undercoat on rabbits and if used regularly will stop tangles forming, particularly on long haired rabbits. The slicker brush features flexible pins that gently massage the rabbit as you groom them. Care must be taken not to apply too much pressure as rabbits have incredibly delicate skin. Used regularly the slicker brush will keep your rabbit comfortable and avoid an accumulation of loose hair, which can cause they to get itchy and overheat.

Key features:

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Cushioned pins massage whilst grooming
  • Comfortable to hold in the hand
  • Easy grip handle
  • Available individually or in a set

Bull nose scissors

These neat little scissors are designed to safely remove the knots and tangles that can develop on a rabbits coat. They are also ideal for clipping around the sanitary area and around the eyes if they have bushy brows. Featuring a rounded end that ensures safe operation. An ideal addition to any rabbit grooming kit.  

Key features:

  • High grade polished stainless steel
  • Rounded ends for safe usage
  • Comfortable grip inserts
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Nibble away mats and tangles