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Dogs and Cats – The Right Way To Develop A Bond Between Them

Tim Ryman |

The pets shown on cartoons might whip up some side-splitting antics, but every real-life dog and cats have nearly learned, if not to love, at least to respect each other. Maybe that’s the reason why almost every pet owner thinks that till the time they haven’t added a cat and canine to the house, their family is incomplete.

Well, that being said, bringing either of them home when you already have the other is not as easy as it might seem. There are certain things that you as an owner need to bear in mind in order to develop a stable bond between the two.

So we at Masterclip have compiled a list of 5 things that are not only of the utmost importance, but also should be taken in stride when trying to introduce your pooch to a cat or vice versa.

However, before diving in, bear in mind this one thing – before bringing home a dog or cat, you’ve got to see to it that you’ve already bought the required essentials, such as pet clippers, extra blades, shampoo and other accessories to ensure that your new pet is as comfortable as can be in their new environment.

Don’t let them work things out on their own

Leaving it all on your pets is certainly not the right way to go about developing a bond, not even in the best of conditions. You need to understand that introduction can be a bit risky, particularly for felines. Since certain dogs look at felines as prey, the odds are they might react intuitively and end up trying to harm them. This is reason enough to not allow them to work out things all by themselves. Careful observation is key.

Manage and handle introductions with proper care and planning

If you already have a feline and are bringing in a dog to the mix, then let us tell you it’s going to be slightly difficult to begin with. To feel at ease during the introduction phase, ensure that you’ve planned it all properly and are getting a pup that has preferably been around cats before. For that matter, you could seek help from either rescue groups or shelters, since they’re well aware of whether the dog in question has ever been around a cat before.

For the comfort of your pets, keep them in different rooms

It is better not to keep your dog and cat in the same room on the first day of the introduction process. Instead, let one of them stay in the guest bedroom, especially the cat, as it will be a safe place for them to relax in whilst trying to get used to the addition of a much bigger companion.

Make certain that both of them have all the necessary essentials, such as food and water bowl, toys and litter boxes. Don’t forget to have one-on-one time with both of your pets too.

Give them a few days to adjust

Now that it has been a few days since their initial meet, it’s time for you to introduce them again. Start the process on a slow pace and take it one day at a time. Keep your pooch on a leash and open the door. Let them see each other, but don’t allow your boisterous pup to run behind your cat. Train them in such a way that they obey your ‘down-stay’ or ‘sit-stay’ command whilst getting accustomed to the feline’s presence. At the end of it all, reward both of them with immense praise and a treat or two.

Remove the leash only when the two of them feel comfortable with each other

Once it’s evident that your pooch is no longer concerned about bothering the feline and you’re sure that your cat will remain safe, get your dog off the leash. The amount of time that will be required to reach this step is purely based on the way your pets interact with each other. Slow and steady wins the race, remember.

So, there we have it – the best way to approach developing a bond between both your pets.

Nonetheless, believe us when we say, once the friendship between the two is established, it’ll sure last a lifetime! To get more information relating to dog care, such as how to groom your dog, get in touch with the team at Masterclip today. 

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