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Does Your Dog Bark Too Much? Here Is What You Should Do

Tim Ryman |

There’s certainly no denying the fact that every pet owner loves their four-legged companion to pieces, but is it too much to ask for them to stop barking?

If you’ve been desperate enough to try to find ways to prevent your pooch from barking non-stop, then you absolutely understand how frustrating the entire situation is - particularly when it feels like they’ve been howling for no reason at all.

Nonetheless, it is in their very nature to yap. They literally get a thrill out of barking and let us tell you, they do so for countless reasons. They’ll howl because they want food, whilst playing, when they’re scared, when marking their territory and even just to say hello too!

Barking too much, though, could drive you and your neighbours mad.

In order to prevent excessive howling, the first step is to establish the reason behind it. Although you might already know why they’ve been barking, don’t think that you’ll be able to wave a magic wand and stop it instantly.

You’ve got to train them to not bark constantly, but it’s important to remember that you can’t completely put a stop to it. You will need to dedicate some time and effort, but the results will be worthwhile.

To get you through the process of training your dog not to bark as much, the team at Masterclip have put together a simple guide on how you can reduce the amount of time your dog spends barking… because less barking means you can spend more time playing and getting them to partake in regular dog grooming sessions.

Just ensure that you’re being consistent with applying the actions we’ve suggested to surge your chances of success.

Close their mouth, but be gentle!

If your furry buddy tends to bark at other animals and people, then a good first step is to close your dog’s mouth every single time they do it. It won’t harm them but it will certainly feel frustrating for them, meaning they are less likely to continue doing so.

Once they sit, move and change your position so that their attention is diverted towards you. In this manner, you stop their barking, pull attention towards you and redirect them to good behaviour, all in just one step.

Ask your pooch to get you a gift

Another approach is to signal for your dog to fetch something. By motivating them to bring you or a guest a gift, or to grab their favouite toy, you are distracting them from barking.

It is obvious that your four-legged companion won’t be able to bark when they’ve got a toy in their mouth. But don’t make the mistake of handing over their toy when they’re barking, since they might assume its a reward for barking.

Train them to howl on your command

Alternatively, you can also train your dog to howl on command. You can ask them to “speak” and then use the “quiet” command. By teaching them to bark, howl and stop on demand, they will then follow instruction when barking without being commanded to as well.

Praising Your Dog

When making use of verbal praise or treats to reward your dog’s good behaviour, do wait for a few seconds after they’ve stopped barking and then give them their reward.

We’re asking you to do this because you wouldn’t want your pooch to think that they’re being given treats for barking, when in reality the reward is to appreciate them for listening to the command to stop barking.

Try to distract them

There are certain breeds that will require you to distract or interrupt them in order to take their mind off constant barking. In simple words, you’ll need something that will enable them to focus on something other than barking for hours on end.

In some instances, their barking intensifies and it becomes almost impossible to cut through this incessant behaviour with a verbal command. Having an object that emits a high frequency sound is a good method to shock them into stopping. It might not be brilliant for you to listen to at the time, but it will stop the bad behaviour eventually.

So, there we have it - Masterclip’s top 4 sure-fire ways to help put a stop to your dog’s continuous barking. Though it’s impossible to stop your dog from barking entirely as it’s their natural instinct, using these tips will reduce it to a bearable amount.

So with the barking under control, it’s time to tame their fur and to give them the pampering session they truly deserve after learning to sit and be quiet on demand.

For information on grooming advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Our grooming experts will ensure your dog is looking and smelling beautiful.

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