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Tips to Prevent Your Canine from Excessive Shedding

Tim Ryman |

As proud owners of uber cute canines, we know what it means to have a healthy, clean and shiny coat of fur on our dogs. A healthy coat is proof that the dog is at the peak of its health, not to mention it will considerably reduce the amount of housekeeping that you will need to do because of excessive shedding.

And if you’ve had to deal with a bit too much of it for your liking, it’s time that you started preventing your canine from shedding excessively. Fortunately, there are some fool proof ways to ensure that the amount of hair your pooch sheds reduces noticeably, and, in this post, Masterclip will be covering this aspect of dog ownership in detail.

How can I put a stop to excessive shedding?

First off, there is NO WAY to put a complete and absolute stop to your pooch’s shedding, irrespective of how determined you are. Shedding is absolutely normal in healthy dogs and as a dog owner, you need to accept this and learn to live with it.

That being said, there are steps that you can take to help get the excessive and out of control shedding in check. And here’s how you can do it...

Consult your veterinarian

If your dog has any allergies, there are symptoms that you will be able to recognise. Skin irritation is probably the first symptom you’ll spot if your dog has an allergy.

But there are other symptoms that are not always so obvious, so keep this in check and go for routine vet checkups so that you’re aware of any health issues that your pet may have which could be the reason behind excessive shedding.

Keep tabs on your dog’s diet

If your dog’s diet includes foods like wheat, soy, corn or by-products, it is quite possible that the excess fur on your dog is because of what it’s consuming. Consider making changes in your furry buddy’s diet and make it more protein intensive and balance it with a grain based diet.

With this new protein rich diet, you will notice a significant improvement in the coat and you will also see that your dog is eating less than before - so the resulting costs will offset everything else. You can also opt for a raw food diet for your canine.

Add to your dog’s omega intake

Several dog food packages claim that they supplement the contents with Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids but this amount is generally not adequate enough to do any real good.

Omega-3 and Omega 6 are known to enhance your dog’s coat and skin effectively and in real time. Fish oils that are quality intensive and good canine skin supplements have a healthy combination of both Omega-3’s and 6’s.

For most dogs, their taste buds are quite receptive to the taste of omega supplements and once you increase the intake, you will see the difference in just a month’s time.

Brush, brush and brush some more

Make this a regular habit right from the start when your canine is just a small pup. The sooner you start, the more likely it is that your dog becomes accustomed to being brushed on a regular basis.

Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis will ensure that you get to the loose hair before it gets to you! Also, the massage from the brush will help keep the fur and coat healthy. Invest in some decent dog clippers and other grooming tools, then you will be good to go and will find that your furniture lasts a lot longer.

The frequency of your brushing will also depend on how much hair your dog has. Keep in mind that dog grooming is also a time for you to bond with your pooch. Make the most of this time as it can prove to be curative for the both of you.

Regular exercises

Timely and regular exercise is crucial for your dog’s good health and it will certainly help with excessive shedding. It’s simple – a healthy dog will have a healthy coat, not to mention it will reduce the stress of getting rid of excessive hair lying around the house.

If your dog gets adequate amounts of exercise, he/she is less likely to inflict harm upon itself by way of scratching and biting. A brisk walk or light jogs are great and will make a world of difference in improving your dog’s health.

So, that wraps up our take on how you can control the excessive shedding of your canine friend! Just follow these tips diligently and tackle the problem effectively.

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