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How to Bond With Your Cat the Right Way

Tim Ryman |

Unlike dogs, cats have an altogether different approach and temperament to getting accustomed to people. Whilst some of them easily warm up, others might take weeks or even months to understand that “hoomans” aren’t really a threat to them.

There are cats that never truly warm up to humans as much as the super cuddly ones we see in cute videos on social media, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t form a strong bond with them.

Learning to read the signals that cats give out when they do not like something - such as spitting, hissing and frantically running away, will enable you to form that strong bond you’re looking for.

In order to help you get through the process, the team at Masterclip has put together a few key points that you need to take into consideration whilst trying to charm your stubborn kitty.

Let your cat get accustomed to your presence

When you initially get your cat home, bear in mind that you’ll be just another stranger to them and they might not be interested in being your best friend just yet. So, let them take their sweet time to come to terms with your presence and understand that you aren’t a threat to them.

Allow your kitty to roam around the same place or room you’re in, in complete peace and avoid making sudden movements and noises.

Let them come to you whenever they feel like it. You can talk to them in a low, soft tone to help them identify your voice. This will help them get accustomed to you and your presence so that you two can spend your evenings hanging out in no time!

Give them the food and treats they like

You might have definitely come across the phrase, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well, it’s no different when it comes to your feline friend… or any animal for that matter.

There are certain cats that like chicken gravy, but some might prefer salmon flakes. So, keep experimenting with the type and kind of food that makes them happy and once you’ve figured it out, make that a part of their regular meal routine.

One day you’ll be taken aback to see them approach you “meowing”, wanting YOU to feed them. If this happens, well, that means you’re in!

Petting them can go a long way

Once your feline has familiarised itself with you being around, it is time for you to get them used to your touch.

Make use of a spoonful of their favourite food or treat and place it in front of them, but at an arm’s length. This may take a while, but you’ll eventually be able to lure them in with this trick.

The moment they approach to have a taste, gradually take your other hand and give them slow, but very gentle strokes on their head. This might not be possible on the first go and your cat may end up running away. But don’t give up simply because you failed on your first try. Some cats are just a little warier than others.

You may not feel successful in the initial attempts, but keep going and switch on your motto of “patience is a virtue”. The end result will certainly be rewarding.

Once your kitty gets used to your petting, you can even start with cat clipping and grooming sessions, as and when required. You’ll have a beautiful, friendly and loving sidekick that is happy to sit on your lap - just remember, bribery with treats always goes a long way with cats!

If you do invest in some cat clippers and cat grooming accessories, make sure that you’re storing your clippers safely and also maintaining them.

So, keep calm and take it one day at a time - you’ll be successful in taming your feisty kitten one day.

Cats being cats, they love being on their own and so getting them used to your presence, other pets and even those grooming sessions can be quite daunting at times. So, simply follow these tips that Masterclip has put together and your cat will become your best bud in no time.

If you require any further assistance regarding how to groom your furry friend properly, feel free to get in touch with our team today.


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