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Prep Tips That Will Give Your Dog's Coat A Marvellous Grooming Finish

Tim Ryman |

So we know that your dog means the world to you and as a result, you want to give them a grooming session that’s downright professional, without needing to keep returning to the groomers every 4 to 6 weeks.

For a glossy grooming finish and a satisfying end result, it is important that you prepare your dog’s coat properly. The products and shampoo that you use will be the difference between a crude and unsightly result vs the shining coat you’re hoping for.

At Masterclip, we’ve compiled a list of prep tips that are guaranteed to give your dog’s coat a finish that’s simply marvellous.

Clip it off

If your dog’s coat is matted and you want to try and save as much of it as possible, you’ll have to use products that have intensive moisturising properties. This will help smoothen the fur and coat, allowing the mattes to glide up the hair shaft as much as possible.

The essential element here is to smooth down the matted coat enough so that it's more manageable. For this, you’ll have to use a shampoo that will provide the necessary hair conditioning - use a detangling spray and a conditioner as well.

Blasting the fur will let you push the hair out from the base of the hair follicle and even though some coats will not be completely rid of matted parts, it will give you enough room to wiggle around and save as much as possible.

This way, you’ll still manage to keep a lot of your dog’s fur intact which is especially ideal during the cold winter months when they need it most.

Scissors aboard!

For breeds that require the help of a pair of scissors every now and then, preparation of the coat is essential. The fur of your dog has to be completely devoid of knots and mattes so you can fluff it up without any difficulty.

To make the coat scissor-ready, we suggest that you use a shampoo that deep cleanses the fur and coat and adds volume to it as well. Using a volumising shampoo will lift the coat in a way that it stands on end making it easier for you to cut excess fur. Plus, you will not have to keep on fluffing every now and then which will save you precious time.

If you need to add more volume to the coat, application of a good mousse before the fur dries will surely help. You can also use styling spray as that will help hold the hair in place for a trim that’s precise.

Baths and brushes

It’s easy to maintain the coat of short-haired dogs as they are usually free of matted areas and knots, meaning you don’t need any prep work for their coats. Nonetheless, if you want a glossy, sleek look to your pet's coat, you’ll have to look for a good moisturising shampoo that has ingredients that will help smoothen the hair too.

Additionally, you can also experiment with a shine-enhancing or coat conditioning spray. If you really want your dog’s coat to stand out and shine, you can resort to using colour-enhancing shampoos and finally, don’t forget to brush adequately! Brushing your dog’s fur is essential if you are going to keep on top of a good dog grooming routine.

Muck and pups

Be it mud, dirt, grease or poo, when it comes to bathing and grooming, you’ll want to use a shampoo that has deep cleansing properties to get it all out!

If your dog is looking extremely dirty and is covered in muck, we suggest that you bathe it twice. The pre-wash will be a general overall rinse to rid the coat of debris. You can use a general dog shampoo for this, though we suggest that you use one that has intensive cleaning elements with antibacterial properties to achieve the best result.

The second wash should ensure that there is vigorous rubbing and cleaning of the coat to ensure that it's 100% free of dirt and bacteria. For this you can either use the same shampoo as before, but for better and more professional results, go for a shampoo that is specifically designed for your dog’s coat.

Just like us, dogs have products made for different skin and fur types and when you want professional results for your pooch, you’ve got to have the right grooming accessories and tools too.

Right from dog clippers to specially formulated dog shampoo, we have everything that you need to achieve that marvellous grooming finish!

So, get in touch with us today and see how we can help your dog get the shining coat of your dreams.

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