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Essential Clipper Maintenance Tips For Dog Grooming

Tim Ryman |

Essential Clipper Maintenance Tips For Dog Grooming

25th Jan 2019

    If you have a pet, you will likely understand how tasking it is to take care of them at times. That being said, just like feeding, playing and training your four-legged buddy is important, it’s equally essential to groom them at regular intervals too.

    If you do not clip your furry friend on a frequent basis, their long hair and nails may end up causing them several problems such as irritation, itching, skin infections and painfully matted fur, to name just a few.

    Now, if you are thinking that grooming is all about clipping their hair and trimming their nails, then you are sadly mistaken. In order to ensure that your canine’s fur and nails are in tip-top condition, you’ve got to see to it that all their grooming needs are being met.

    To help you with just that, the team at Masterclip has prepared a list of tips and tricks on how to take proper care of your pets and maintain their accessories. We’re sure that with the help of these handy tips, you’ll be able to groom your furry companion like a pro and make them look nothing less than a show dog, even if they don’t win the certificate to match!

    Clean the clippers thoroughly

    If you do not clean your dog clippers properly, you might end up leaving chunks of hair in them which is enough to block the process of clipping when the time next arises. Besides, the more hair that gets stuck in the clippers, the sooner it will stop working altogether. And who wants to be making such a costly mistake when it’s hugely avoidable?

    So, in order to prevent yourself from facing such a situation, it’s essential that you clean your dog clippers thoroughly and remove all the excess fur using a brush. This way, the equipment will not only remain in good condition but will also last longer.

    Clean the blade and oil your dog clippers after every use

    It goes without saying that any unwanted material on clippers, be it small hairs or dirt, increases the friction in them. The more friction there is on a blade, the less it is likely to cut the hair.

    So, make sure you are cleaning the blade thoroughly after every dog clipping session. In order to prevent rust and increase the lifespan of the blade, use blade wash to wipe off any unwanted residue.

    When oiling the blade, move the clipper downward. Then pour a drop of oil on the blade where both its sides meet. And if you want extra lubrication, you can even add a drop of oil into the middle of the blade too.

    But before you are all set to put your blade back in its safe place (as storage is also key to the upkeep of dog clippers), make sure it is thoroughly washed, wiped and oiled.

    Check if it has any cuts or nicks

    A clipper with cuts or any kind of cable issues can result in an electric shock, which will not only harm your pet but also develop a fear of clippers in them. So, it’s always better to check for any such issues in the clipper before using them. After all, precaution is better than cure.

    Check the lock and drive occasionally

    The blade drive, lock and hinge should be checked before every use to make sure they are working properly and no part is missing, worn or rusty. And if your clipper has a Snap-on working system, then it should be snapped on correctly before it is used on your pet.

    Have spare clippers

    After all, clippers are machines and can stop working at any given moment - and yes, that may be mid-clip… it’s happened to the best of us!  

    So it’s always good to have a spare clipper ready in case you face any kind of problem with the one you are currently using or if it has been sent off to be serviced.

    Also, make sure that the blades of the clippers do not have any broken teeth and work freely without getting stuck.

    Now that you know why clipper maintenance is so essential, put these simple tips to use every time to ensure a smooth cut every time.  Also, if you have any queries about our products, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team to learn more.

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