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Equine Show Season - The Prep Work You Need to Start Now

Tim Ryman |

How that summer is almost here, that means only one thing for equine show enthusiasts – it’s time to start prepping now! There is plenty to think about, from the health of your horse to the logistics involved in getting to various shows.

Unless you’re staying really close to the show circuit, the odds are, if you wish to participate with your horse, there is going to be a fair amount of travelling involved.

Depending on your horse’s temperament, travelling to attend and perform at shows may be as easy as a quiet Sunday ride. However, for some horses that tend to  be a little more anxious, travel can be a bit of a nightmare, meaning you have to take certain steps to get them ready.

It’s also a known fact that both you and your stallion need to take some time and effort to get back in shape after the lazy winter months, which is why Masterclip have put together a few tips to prepare for the up and coming show season.

Get in Top Form

Both you and your horse are athletes, which is why you’ve got to be in tip top condition during any show. If you have both taken some time off during the winter months, then now is the time for you both to get back in shape. As Winston Churchill famously said: “No hour of life is wasted that is spend in the saddle”, so start putting the hours in!

For your horse, regular training sessions are crucial, but it is also equally as important to ensure you are doing the same, as riding requires high levels of fitness. In addition to riding, you must also engage in other forms of exercise, including cardiovascular workouts and strength training.

Test Your Tack

With equine shows around the corner, it’s time for you to test your horse’s tack to determine whether a new one is needed. It’s extremely important that your horse has a well-fitting tack, as badly fitted saddles and bridles will hurt your horse and may cause permanent damage to their head, back and mouth.

Also check the wear and tear of bridles and saddles, particularly where the reins are attached, for safety purposes. You can easily replace any worn pads if needs be, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get His Coat to Shine

You can never fake a good, healthy coat and it requires a lot of effort, grooming sessions and most importantly, a healthy diet. Make use of some good old-fashioned elbow grease and become a pro at using some decent horse clippers.

Thin your horse’s tail with some good quality thinning scissors and train your horses mane to fall on a suitable side with the help of gel and training braids.

Put the time and effort in to give your horse’s coat a fine-looking show-shine!

Hire A Show Groom

Your show groom could be anyone, whether that’s a friend who helps you out or a professional groomer who handles every single detail of your horse on the show day. A groomer not only assists you in getting your horse ready, but they will also keep a record of all your events so that you do not miss out your call.

In simple words, they are a lifesaver during show season, so do not choose to participate in show season without one.

Relax and Smile!

Finally, remember, it’s all about showmanship, which means you need to smile and look super confident. Your horse will be able to sense any nerves, so you will need to put them at ease too.

Take a deep breath, relax and give the audience something to smile about. With the right prep work, you’ll be all set to take on the challenge and put your best foot/hoof forward.

Now that you’re all set to take on your first round, go ahead and take the audience by storm! If you need to know more about grooming your horse in time for show season, get in touch with us today, because remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.  

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