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Dog Fest - The Paw-Fect Day Out

Tim Ryman |

Ever been to an event with your dog where you were treated like the extra? Where your dog got the spotlight and you were just another human tagging along with one of the real stars of the event?

If not, then Dog Fest is here and if you decide to attend, you may well have to accept that you’ll be in your dog’s shadow for the entire day.

The Surprise and Happiness

Even if you flash your Dog Fest tickets at them, your dog won’t know what’s in store for them or rather what’s in the fest for them. It’s only when you arrive that they will truly understand what’s going down.

It’s almost assured that the precious pooches will begin to bounce around in joy from the moment they arrive. Looking back and forth in excitement, their overjoyed tail will not come to rest, at least not until their dreamy weekend is over.

But before they make their Dog-Fest debut, you need to ensure that they are looking their absolute best! Make sure you check out our Ultimate DIY Dog Grooming Guide and use our products to give your doggy a handsome makeover for this awesome doggy bonanza.


From the time you walk in, to the moment you check out, there will be a smile on both your faces. There are many fun activities for your fluffy best pal and the best part is that you can do this for three whole weekends, if you want.

Dog-Fest is spread over three weekends – the first is on the 16th -17th of June in Cheshire; the second is the 23rd-24th of July in Bristol and the final instalment is on the 7th-8th July in Hertfordshire.

You may have taken your doggy out for a walk hundreds of times and perhaps you host regular dog get-togethers with your friends. But have you ever walked with hundreds of other dogs and dog lovers? The highlight of this event is a massive walk in the woods where hundreds of dog lovers will be walking alongside their doggies on a beautiful nature trail.

Here you will also see dogs jumping off boards, diving into water and fetching the ball until their hearts content. Equally, your adventurous tyke may love running around the garden on a mad one, but have you ever seen dogs participate in a specially designed obstacle race? Jumping off stacks of hay and pouncing into the hands of their master at the finish line is definitely their idea of a perfect day out.

Plenty of food stalls at the Food Village will be serving delicious grub for you and your lovely dog to feast on. Whether it’s a perfectly baked Cornwall pasty, a rustic pepperoni pizza or something a little healthier, you and your dog will be able to get your paws on it!

Dogs Get Inspired Too!

It is not just a day out, but also an excellent networking opportunity for dogs. Here, they will get to meet the more successful individuals of their species. These successful doggies lead a tough life. They dodge fire and sniff danger from a distance to earn their bread.

The event will also be graced by the presence of a Guinness world record holder, Mojo. This incredible doggy can perform 17 rotations on hind legs in just 30 seconds! There’s a lot your cute pup can learn from watching them in action. But hey, don’t admire them too much, as you wouldn’t want to make your devoted pooch jealous, would you?

Another set of special dogs belonging to the Conquest-K9 dog display team will perform twice a day. Their performances will also be projected on live display where they will flaunt their impressive skills. You and your pup will also get to see their agility, control work and how they run through fire. Don’t forget to tell your pooch not to try the same tricks at home!

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