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The Ultimate DIY Dog Grooming Guide

Tim Ryman |

Have you ever gone bonkers and done something completely outrageous just to please your four-legged buddy? Have you ever slept on the edge of your bed so that your little pooch has enough space and feels comfy, even though you’re practically hanging off the edge?  Have you ever given the little tyke treats at random because you just can’t say no to those adorable puppy eyes?

To some, this might seem a little ridiculous, but every pet owner has done something similar for their pup at some point. And you know what? It’s not the end of the world if you have, as pets become an integral part of our lives and it is hard to deny something to someone you love, right?

And realistically, your dog definitely deserves it. They love you endlessly, without expecting much back, aside from your love in return.

But as much as they deserve our devotion and care, it doesn’t mean that you need to empty your bank account whilst doing it, either. Rather than shelling out outrageous amounts of money on grooming services every 4 to 6 weeks, why not opt to handle it yourself?

Look at the bigger picture – you could literally save hundreds of pounds every year! At Masterclip, we understand what it feels like to spend most of your money on ‘necessities’, which is why we’ve prepared a DIY guide to not only keep your dog’s coat shiny, but also to keep your wallet full!

Comb through their fur

Before you start the grooming session, the first thing you ought to do every time, without fail, is to comb through their fur. Get rid of all that extra fuzz and loose dirt, and later try removing matted spots. If brushing their fur is not helping you get rid of those tangles, grab a pair of dog grooming scissors and chop them off instead.

Bear in mind that it is important to brush your furry buddy between trims and baths. We’re guessing, as a good owner who understands the importance of both scratch and brush sessions, you’ve been doing that already, haven’t you?

Give your doggo a nice, luke-warm bath

Perhaps you’ve already prepared a set bathing routine for your dog, especially when muddy puddles seem to be a little too tempting... But, be sure that you’re scrubbing your little buddy down completely – and do not forget their ears.

Also, make use of pet-friendly products, which means that none of them should have harsh chemicals, since they could easily cause irritation to your dog’s skin. If you haven’t given your pup a bath all by yourself yet, then here are some simple dog bathing tips to get them looking and feeling squeaky clean.

Purchase a good pair of dog clippers

Once you’re done bathing and drying your mate, it is time to work on that additional fuzz which has been weighing your poor dog down. For this step, you will need to ensure that you’ve purchased some great quality dog clippers. It is definitely worth spending a little more, as it will make the experience a lot easier and comfortable, for both you and your pet.

Rather than shelling out hundreds of pounds every year to get your dog groomed, simply pay half of that on a good pair of dog clippers and learn how to put them to good use yourself.

Become a DIY expert

So, here’s the thing – when it comes to grooming your pet, you don’t really have to be an expert. For people who are proficient at grooming dogs, they’ve got to be on familiar terms with several types of cuts, lengths and moreover, certain kinds of fur. On the other hand, all you need to know is the cut you choose to use for your dog or dogs, plus you will soon learn how to manage their fur.

If you are a little apprehensive about using dog clippers for the first time, you can certainly find specific clipping advice catered to different breeds. Simply skim through a few articles online and choose the methods that you feel would best suit your furry buddy.

We aren’t saying that you’ll get it perfect the first time – Crufts might have something to say about your first attempt, but hey, remember, practice makes perfect.

There we have it, our top tips to groom your dog at home. Apart from helping you save more than just a few pounds every month, DIY grooming sessions are a good way to create a strong bond between you and your dog – plus it helps you to always stay on top of the game, in terms of their behavioural and health changes.

So just like that, with a small investment on accessories, you’ll save yourself thousands of pounds over the next few years. We aren’t saying that your four-legged friend is not worth every single penny, it’s just about reaping the benefits of saving wherever possible! Plus, you can always treat them to some of their favourite treats with all the money you’ll be saving long term…

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