Not all shampoos are made equal

Whilst there are hundreds of different pet shampoos on the market, is it really worth investing in a natural or organic pet shampoo? At Masterclip, we stock only two brands of dog shampoo. These are Wildwash and Earthbath pet shampoos. Both are formulated with only natural ingredients and not only are these better for your dog’s skin, they are also particularly beneficial for grooming. you clip your dog, the dirt and grease from the coat will eventually dull the sharpness of your clipper blades. This is why it is important to bathe and dry your dog prior to clipping. In essence, the cleaner your dog’s coat, the longer your blades will last before they need to be re-sharpened.

So surely, as long as you bathe your dog with shampoo this will be enough? However cheaper shampoos generally contain chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or PEG’s. Not only can these be harsh on your dog’s skin and be a cause of irritation, they also coat the hair in a residue which when your dog is clipped, clogs the blades causing them to dull. This is also true of any added coat conditioners or conditioning sprays used after bathing.

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Natural shampoos do not contain any of these chemicals or fillers so leave the strands of hair completely free of residue allowing clipper blades to run smoothly through the coat.

The top pet grooming salons that formulate and use these natural shampoos are able to carry out many, many clips without the need to re-sharpen blades frequently. So natural shampoo really does make a big difference and can save you money in the long run. Coat conditioners and fragrance sprays for your dog can still be used, but better to apply them after clipping for the last finishing touches.  

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Wildwash dog shampoo is available in two different formulations – Sensitive or Deep Cleaning – and is £17.99 including VAT and free delivery from our website.

Earthbath shampoo is available in two formulations – Orange Peel Oil or Coat Brightener – and is £10.49 including VAT and free delivery from our website

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