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Christmas Gifts for Cat or Rabbit Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Cat or Rabbit Lovers - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

Cat and rabbit owners looking to pamper their pets this Christmas need not feel left out. Long haired cats and rabbits can benefit from regular grooming to keep tangles and matts at bay, but also to deepen the bond between you. Grooming from top to tail will not only improve your pet’s appearance but also allows you to health check your cat or rabbit and spot any warning signs of ill health early on. Brushing the coat of your cat or rabbit helps to spread the natural oils from their skin for glossy healthy hair and removes dead, loose hair to help them feel much more comfortable. And for cats, removing as much of the loose hair as possible helps to reduce fur balls.



Our Showmate Cat and Rabbit Trimmer is the perfect pocket-sized pet trimmer for keeping the coat of longhaired cats and rabbits in top condition. This fully cordless trimmer makes trimming thick, long hair a doddle. Thanks to the trimmers small size and quiet operation, it is well tolerated too even by the more nervous pets. Suitable for carefully removing small matts from the coat and for trimming the more troublesome areas such as the legs, belly and sanitary areas to prevent tangles forming and maintain good hygiene - essential for older animals and for keeping flystrike in bunnies at bay.  

This handy little trimmer comes in Pink or Blue with a smart carry case and includes 2 rechargeable batteries to give up to 1 hour trimming time per battery. You can either use the trimmer on its own for close trimming and removing matts or attach one of the 4 comb attachments supplied in the carry case to give a longer cut, ideal for keeping the long hair in problem areas in a shorter maintenance trim. The Showmate trimmer is available to buy on its own for £69.99 or as a grooming kit with a slicker brush and bull nose safety scissors for £89.99 including free UK delivery.



 Complement your grooming kit with our pet grooming accessories, ideal to pop into a Christmas stocking! Your pet will be left with a gleaming coat all year round, not just for Christmas.

Thinning scissors are a great way to thin out areas where your pet’s coat is the most dense and more prone to tangles. They leave a soft finish so can be used after trimming if you prefer a more natural look to your pet’s coat. To avoid catching your pet’s skin, use scissors with a metal combination comb to lift the hair before trimming and provide a barrier to protect their delicate skin if your pet wriggles.

 A slicker brush and comb are ideal grooming accessories for removing loose hair from the coat and carefully detangle knots. Our flea comb is also one of our best sellers and is a snip at just £4.99! This handy close toothed comb simply removes fleas, flea eggs and larvae by gently combing through your pet’s coat, without the need to use topical treatments or chemicals. 

House cats and rabbits may not be as good as keeping their own nails well-trimmed so our small pet nail clippers are great to take just the very tips off each nail. Trimming the nails regularly will ensure your pet’s claws do not grow too long and will also help to protect your soft furnishings.



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