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Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

Christmas is just around the corner! Are you looking for a suitable gift for a dog lover or need to drop hints to friends and family? Why not invest in a set of professional dog clippers or trimmers to allow you to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home? Our dog clippers, trimmers and grooming tools make excellent gifts, offering an opportunity to learn grooming skills, strengthen the bond between you and your dog and save money in the long term on groomers fees. Take a look at our range of clippers and trimmers to help you find your perfect match.




Treat your dog to a bespoke clipper set with clipper blades specially selected to suit their coat type with our Grooming by Breed clipper sets. Each set contains our professional, dual speed Pedigree Pro A5 dog clipperand 2 or 3 clipper blades for all over trimming and full body clipping for your breed. Whether you have a Bichon Frise, Airedale Terrier or Cockapoo, our Grooming by Breed Sets contain everything that you need to give your dog a professional salon clip at home.  Starting at £138.99 including delivery, we have vast range of clipper sets for all types of breeds and even popular crossbreeds. Can’t find a set for your dog breed? Just give us a call and we bespoke a clipper set just for you!



Our Pedigree Pro dog clipper and combs set offers great value for money with our professional A5 dog clipper and a selection of combs offering 4 different lengths of cut. The combs simply clip over the top of the short cutting blade included to offer clips from 3mm up to 13mm. These popular clipper sets are ideal for beginners who want to gain confidence in grooming and can be accessorised with additional combs or clipper blades to suit their needs. There is even a cordless option too, our MD Roamer clipper and combs set which includes 2 rechargeable batteries to give up to 1 hour of clip time each. Our Pedigree Pro and Combs Set is just £129.99 with our cordless option at £179.99. 



Our cordless Showmate Trimmer is always a popular gift for Christmas and is well loved by many professional grooming salons and veterinarians. This small trimmer is the perfect size for general trimming around the face, paws, between the pads and the most sensitive and delicate areas including sanitary trimming. Our award-winning dog trimmer is super quiet and comes in choice of Green or Blue. The Showmate is just £69.99 and comes in a stylish aluminium carry case with a set of four combs, clipper oil, extra battery, charger and cleaning brush.




We offer a range of professional grade dog grooming scissors to complete your dog groom with a smart show ready finish. Choose from a range of straight cut, thinning, curved and bull nose scissors for all over trimming, and to give shape and detail to suit a range of dog breeds.  Our individual grooming scissors start from just £19.99 including delivery or save money on our Double Scissors Pack or Complete Scissors Set. Whether you prefer a traditional groom or maintenance trim, your dog will be trimmed to perfection from nose to tail.



Our grooming accessories make lovely stocking fillers to complement our range of clippers and give your dog the ultimate grooming finish. Choose from luxury, all natural Wildwash shampoo and grooming essentials including metal combs, slicker brushes, stripping knives, nail clippers and wooden handled coat rakes. We have a range of accessories to suit a vast variety of coat types from wire-haired terriers to double coated breeds with prices starting from as little as £4.99!

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