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Christmas Gift Guide for Horse Owners

Christmas Gift Guide for Horse Owners - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

Whether you need to drop a few hints to your family or friends or want to treat your equestrian loved one to a pair of their very own clippers for Christmas, our Clipper Gift Guide will help you to find your perfect match.



We have a range of trimmers and clippers to suit every budget, starting with our award winning Showmate trimmer which is always a very popular gift for Christmas. At £69.99 this great little battery powered, fully cordless trimmer is perfect for all-round trimming duties for faces, heels, bridle paths etc to complete a clip, and all important last-minute touch ups for show preparation. Presented in a stylish aluminium style carry case with 2 rechargeable batteries, clipper oil, a set of four comb guides (ideal for blending) and the power adaptor. It’s also a great handy trimmer for dogs, cats and even rabbits too so don’t forget to treat your fellow dog and cat lovers!



Need something capable of a little more than just trimming? Our medium duty A5 horse clippers, the Royaleand cordless MD Roamer are not only great at more heavy-duty trimming for coarser coats but are also capable of partial body clipping for fine to medium coated horses too. Starting at just £133.99 the silver and black Royale clipper comes with either one wide blade for body clipping, or as a Cob Kit - perfect for heavy duty trimming, keeping on top of feathers and hogging. Likewise, our green MD Roamer clipper also comes with either a wide body blade of choice or as the Cob Kit along with 2 rechargeable batteries offering up to 2 hours clip time. Our medium duty clippers are ideal for clipping nervous horses, youngstock and finer coated horses where less and noise and vibration are essential. Have a dog that needs clipping too? Just add extra clipper blades or combs to allow you to clip your dog in the comfort of your own home!



The lightweight Hunter clipper is a fantastic, all-round clipper ideal for the single horse owner or for large yards with a string of horses to clip. The Hunter clipper is easy to use thanks to the modern A2 clipper head and comes with a set of our Masterclip premium A2 fine clipper blades for a smooth, professional finish to your clip. Whether you have fine thoroughbreds or coarse coated ponies (woolly mammoths!), this clipper will happily fully clip all coat types with ease. This lightweight yet powerful handset boasts a modern 200w motor in a sleek, refined, ergonomic handset. The Hunter clippers comes in red, green or blue and is great value too at just £199.99 including a smart, lockable carry case with clipper oil, cleaning brush and multi-tool. For the ultimate clipping solution, pair up the Hunter clipper with our Showmate Trimmer and save £10 with our combo deals.




Our ever popular HD Roamer cordless clipper allows you to clip anywhere without the hassle of trailing power cables. There is no need to be concerned over the power output either from this battery clipper. This heavy-duty handset will effortlessly breeze through any type of coat from very coarse dense coats to even the finest, silkiest coat, whether you have a Shetland pony or Thoroughbred. The HD Roamer clipper comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and offers up to 2 hours clip time per battery giving you plenty of time to carry out a full clip in comfort. Our hugely popular HD Roamer clipper is loved by professional equine grooms and is £299.99 including delivery. But why not go for our completely cordless combo with the addition of the Showmate trimmer for lighter coats or cordless MD Roamer for cobs and save £10.


If you’re looking for more premium clipping solution, our award winning V-series horse clipper is at the top of our range. Easy to use and suitable for any type of coat thanks to the high torque, brushless motor, the V-series leaves a superb finish and is sure to please. Unlike other clipper models that have just one setting, the V-series clipper boasts a variable speed dial so the sound and vibration can be turned from high to low without compromising on power, allowing you to complete a full clip in your horse’s comfort. This super sleek clipper weighs in at just 860g with a balanced nonslip handle that is comfortable in the hand, even after long hours of use. Our revolutionary V-series is a mains powered, heavy duty clipper for £349.99. For the ultimate combo, combine the V-series and Showmate trimmer for £409.98. 

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