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Equestrian Elegance – Let your horse shine this Christmas with Masterclip

Equestrian Elegance – Let your horse shine this Christmas with Masterclip

Lauren Dorey |

Whether you’re a seasoned grooming professional or a budding equestrian enthusiast, with our range of horse clippers, trimmers and grooming essentials, there are gifts to suit all horse and pony owners looking for a great deal to add to their grooming kit this Christmas.


From the casual rider to the competitive professional, we've curated a range of options to cater to various preferences and budgets:




For those seeking flexibility without compromising on power, our cordless horse clippers are the epitome of convenience, with no more tangles or restrictions. For some horses, the lack of a trailing cable takes away their biggest anxiety, allowing you navigate around your horse effortlessly and clip without fear.

It’s no surprise that cordless clippers have become hugely popular and our HD Roamer clipper is at the top of the market! There is no need to be concerned over the power output from this battery clipper. This heavy-duty handset will effortlessly breeze through any type of coat from very coarse, dense coats to even the finest, silkiest coat, whether you have a Shetland pony to clip or a yard of Thoroughbreds. This clipper is used and loved by some of the biggest names in the equestrian field.



Our medium duty MD Roamer is an A5 mode clipper, compatible with a huge range of clipper blades and comb attachments suited to partial body clipping on light to medium density coats and a perfect choice for all trimming duties. Super easy to use, fully cordless and quiet, this is the clipper for cob owners for keeping on top of clipped feathers and hogging and treating and managing horses with leg conditions such as CPL. For those who compete on the showing circuit or are a bit more adventurous, this handset is the perfect choice for leg blending and creative clipping with a wide range of blades to suit longer finishes.


Our Showmate cordless trimmer has been a popular equestrian gift for Christmas for many years, and our updated Showmate II model is now even better! A brilliant budget buy at just £79.99 this powerful little trimmer is the ideal companion to any of our larger clippers. With its ultra quiet operation and compact size, this is the perfect tool to clip the delicate areas around the face, ears, coronets, chest and armpits, where larger clippers are harder to manoeuvre and can be a bit too overwhelming for sensitive horses and ponies. Exceptional for leg blending, bridle paths and even giving your horse’s tail a pulled look without the need for pulling, it’s easy to see why we call this trimmer ‘The Showmate!’ Give your horse a flawless, show ready finish, with not a single hair out of place. Available in a choice of colours, you can match your Showmate to your clipper or grooming kit too.


If you prefer a constant power source for prolonged grooming sessions, our mains-powered lightweight Hunter and variable speed V-series clippers are an exceptional choice. Designed to handle the toughest of coats with ease, they ensure a consistent, reliable performance that professionals swear by, starting at just £199.99.

Clipping frequency has changed a lot over recent years, with many owners clipping all year round to keep their horses comfortable. Our range of heavy-duty clippers are easy to use and simple to tension and change the blades, taking the stress out of clipping as much as possible. With our modern A2 compatible clipper head, you have a greater choice of premium clipper blades to choose from to suit coat types, work needs, showing and summer cooling. 


Elevate your grooming experience with our V-series variable speed clipper. Engineered with revolutionary technology and high-quality materials, this clipper provides exceptional performance and durability in a lightweight, sleek and ergonomic handset for the most discerning equestrians.


Quality doesn't have to break the bank! Our selection of budget-friendly options ensures that even novice riders can access reliable grooming tools without compromising on quality. For full clipping of the toughest coats, our Hunter clipper is just £199.99. Have just one horse to partial clip? Our medium duty clippers could be the perfect option for you, starting at just £109.99 for bibs to blanket clips and trimming all in one package. Extra bonus! - You can even use our medium duty horse clippers to clip your dog too!


Our catalogue isn’t just limited to clippers and trimmers, we also offer a wide array of grooming essentials to make your horse’s coat the envy of the stables. From mane & tail combs, rakes, grooming mitts and a range of grooming scissors, give your horse a show ready finish starting from just £6.99 with free delivery!

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise: With years of experience in the equestrian industry and as a group of passionate equestrians ourselves, we understand the unique needs of horse grooming.
  2. Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on providing quality clippers at the best prices, direct to our customers to ensure your horse receives top-notch care.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to provide exceptional products and impeccable service to all our customers. Our clippers and trimmers come with a 2-year warranty backed up by our Leicestershire based customer service center and dedicated workshop. With a full range of parts to repair and service your clippers for years beyond the warranty period.

Not sure which of our clippers and trimmers are the best fit for your needs? Drop us a line on 0116 2796900 or message us at info@masterclip.co.uk and our friendly, experienced team will be on hand to assist you.

Happy grooming from Masterclip!


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