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Holidaying with your hound – what to pack!

Tim Ryman |

Going on a well-deserved break with your beloved dog is an exciting prospect but there are a few things to consider so that your four legged friend shares in the fun and does not suffer from holiday blues.

Paws for thought

Taking your furry friend away from their home comforts, a change in routine, a new environment and travelling can be quite stressful for them, so as a responsible owner you must ask yourself whether this is the best thing for them. Would it be better if they stayed in the care of family, friends or a boarding facility? There are many places which offer a home from home experience, whereby your pet has all the comforts he needs and more! So you need not worry that they are missing out.

Research your holidaying destination; will you be permitted access to all the essential facilities? Is the local pub dog friendly? Are pets allowed throughout the accommodation? Are there any restrictions on the beaches? 

Everything but the kitchen sink

Whatever the season you will need to make provision for all the extra luggage that your pet may need – portable water bowl, treats for good behaviour, favourite toys, bedding, towels, poo bags, enough food for the entire trip, grooming equipment, leashes - the list goes on!

A deep cleaning shampoo may prove to be an essential wash bag item if your four legged furry decides they are more salty sea dog than pristine pooch.

WILDWASH deodorising shampoo will enact a transformation - with the aid of Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemongrass your pet will be sweet smelling and thoroughly cleansed.



Keep your eyes peeled

If you are partaking in walks in the wild then you will need to thoroughly check through the coat for any ticks or fleas that may have found a home in your doggie’s fur. These critters are very easy to pick up off the vegetation where there are wild animals roaming, such as deer, rabbits or foxes. Inspect the coat by carefully brushing through with a metal comb and remove any ticks with a special removal tool or fine-tipped tweezers.




Survivial training

What if the worst happens and your pet becomes ill or has an accident? Make sure in the first instance that they are fit and healthy and you have adequate insurance. Get up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatment prior to travel. And take a basic first aid kit for any quick fixes that might be required.

Make sure they are micro-chipped and their collar with identity tag is worn at all times, you may want to update contact details so they are relevant whilst you away from home, just in case they lose themselves whilst pursuing rabbits, or indeed squirrels in the woods at Holkham beach.

If you follow the Girl Guide motto and “be prepared” you and your pet will enjoy a relaxing break together and take home many happy memories. 

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