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6 Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Dog Yourself

Tim Ryman |

We understand that for the majority of dog owners, their furry friends are part of the family. Whilst they might not always join us at the dinner table (though again, there are some very generous dog-owners out there), they are an integral part of the family and therefore must be treated as such.

You may have noticed that grooming salons are popping up all over the place – there’s a reason for that! The market for pet pampering is more than booming… In the UK alone, we spent nearly £2.5bn on grooming, pet insurance and vet bills last year.

Any responsible dog owner out there will be aware of the fact that it is their job to care for their pup and sometimes it can feel like having a toddler that never ages! Whilst the list may sometimes seem endless, it is all worthwhile in the end when we come home to our buddy that loves us more than life itself!  

In amongst feeding your dog numerous times a day, walking them and cleaning up their poop, there is also a necessity to maintain a healthy coat – which means you’ll need to get to grips with dog grooming and you’ll need to start deciding on everything from which dog clippers to use to which shampoo is best for your friendly tyke.

Historically, it was always easier to go to a professional groomer because hey, let’s be realistic – if we were all pros with scissors, we would probably quit our day jobs already. Plus, there just weren’t adequate and reasonably priced tools available to do it ourselves.

But thankfully, times are constantly changing and choosing to groom your dog yourself might just be the best choice you’ve ever made regarding your little pal. Don’t believe us? Here’s why! 

Peace of Mind

Any dog owner will admit to being slightly obsessed with their pet. Although National Pet Day will be celebrated globally today, for the majority of pet owners, EVERY day is National Pet Day.

It goes without saying that we are certainly more than a little protective when it comes to our excitable sidekicks. Parent’s don’t let any person take over caring for their child without seriously looking into it and many opt to stay at home and care for their children themselves, so why would everyone feel comfortable handing over their dog to a complete stranger for a few hours?

Peace of mind is priceless, so if you can groom your dog yourself at home, with little effort, time or money required, then why not do just that?

Save Money Long Term

You might think that forking out hundreds or even thousands a year to get your dog groomed is justified, but in an economy where times are getting harder with every year that passes, is this really something you want to be throwing money at when you can do it yourself with a fair amount of ease?

There are dozens of easy-to-follow DIY guides on dog grooming and if you want a more extensive guide, you will likely be able to find how-to-videos that are catered to specific dog breeds, too.

Purchasing some decent dog clippers will be the best investment you can make for your dog. Whilst it may cost more initially, you and your pooch will reap the benefits long term!

Stranger Danger

Pet owners everywhere were left reeling after devastating footage emerged online of a “trusted” dog groomer abusing a customer’s dog whilst working for PetSmart. The groomer had claimed that the dog had tried to bite her and that she had needed to use extra force as a result. But after the customer uploaded a video onto Facebook documenting the abuse online, close to half a million people saw the disturbing video and PetSmart reacted by firing the employee in question.

The concern many dog owners have with groomers is that they don’t know with absolute certainty that their beloved pet is being treated with the love and care that they deserve. Many dogs suffer with separation anxiety, which can be made worse with visits to dog groomers and unfamiliar faces.

To save your dog the traumatising experience, spare five minutes and make a one-off purchase that will keep everyone happy. A simple search for best dog trimmers will give you everything you need. Once they arrive, it’s all fun and games from that point… especially when they decide you need a good bath too!

Avoid Allergy Problems

Most of us don’t put any old product on our skin and hair, so why should your pet receive treatment that is any less considerate? Shampoos for dogs actually contain numerous ingredients that cause allergic reactions, which lead to painful skin irritations for your dog. The following symptoms would suggest that your dog may be allergic to the shampoo your groomer uses:

  • Bald patches
  • Obsessive licking
  • Paw biting
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Ulcerations on the skin
  • Hives
  • Face rubbing
  • Head shaking

It’s important to recognise symptoms of allergies in dogs as contact allergies can eventually progress to anaphylactic shock, which requires an urgent trip to the vets!

Grooming your dog yourself would mean you have total control over any recurring issues your dog suffers with, so if your pup is susceptible to the skin irritation caused by fragranced shampoos used by dog grooming salons, doing it yourself with some shampoo for sensitive coats is definitely the best option.

It’s On Your Terms

We are all leading super busy lives and it’s difficult enough to fit in our own appointments with the hairdresser, dentist, doctor and so on… trying to squeeze into the hectic schedules of local dog groomers can be an absolute nightmare, so taking the DIY dog grooming option may end up being more effortless than you think!

During the summer months, it is essential to keep your dog cool and grooming them regularly will play a huge part in doing so. Buying some dog clippers to use at home will mean you can do it whenever you want, regardless of what time it is. You’ll no longer be on waiting lists that span 6 weeks and over because you can do it the moment you get a chance instead.

Get The Style You Want

We’ve all been there – gone to the hairdressers with an exact idea (in our head) of what we are going to look like post-haircut, only to be horrified when we see the finished product. Equally, we’re sure many of you have arrived at the groomers to find your beloved pup has come out a completely different dog – and not in a good way, either!

The best part about grooming your dog yourself is that you will be able to style your dog however you want, regardless of whether it’s the ‘standard’ set for the specific breed you have.

So now you’ve taken the time to read why doing it yourself is best, there are just two things left to do. Get yourself some quality dog clippers – we don’t mean the sort you can get from Argos for under twenty pounds either, because they will just catch and tug on your dog’s fur. Then do some extra reading on how to achieve the style you want.

After that, you’re all set to go! But just a little disclaimer: you’ll need to be prepared to have a shower afterwards because dogs love nothing more than getting their owners involved, especially when it involves getting you absolutely soaked!

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