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Clipper Blade Comparison, Heiniger vs A2 vs A5. How to choose the correct clipping blades.

Clipper Blade Comparison, Heiniger vs A2 vs A5. How to choose the correct clipping blades. - Masterclip

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A2 Blades

Masterclip A2 blades are a premium quality blade manufactured from high grade, toughened steel featuring sharper cutting edges that are harder wearing and longer lasting. These blades are compatible with the Masterclip HD Roamer, Hunter , V Series and Ranger equine and livestock clippers that have the A2 Style of head

The Masterclip Superfine A2 blade is a short cut blade that will leave a 0.75mm of hair on your horse or pony. It is an ideal choice of blade for competition horses in high workloads such as show jumping, eventing and other demanding activities like hunting. This blade will leave your horse with an exceptionally smooth, mirror finish. It is also a good choice of blade for veterinary use as it provides a close, surgical cut.

The Masterclip Fine A2 blade is a standard cut blade suitable for clipping all coat types and breeds of horse and pony. This fine blade will leave 1.5mm of hair on your horse. This blade provides an attractive neat, smooth finish and is ideal for horse and ponies in medium to hard work or those with very dense coats sensitive to overheating.

The Masterclip Medium A2 blade clipping blade is suitable for all coat types and breeds of horses and pony. This blade provides a standard length of cut and is ideal for those in light to medium work. It is a good choice of blade for equines with delicate or pink skin or those who prefer to leave a longer finish than a fine blade would offer.

The Masterclip Coarse A2 blade is a robust blade that will easily cut through heavy, dense coats on horses, ponies and cattle. Leaving 4mm of hair this is a good choice of blade for native breeds and equines who require coat management for health reasons.

The Masterclip Livestock A2 blade is a multipurpose blade designed for use on sheep and cattle. The perfect choice for the smallholder and on larger farms when a traditional shearing head is not required. These blades cut to approximately 4mm and are ideal for dagging sheep and occasional  shearing of small flocks. These blades are also the recommended choice for clipping the backs of winter store cattle and cattle tails. They are an easy-to-use blade and thanks to the greater number of teeth are gentler on the animal than the more open toothed blades on standard shearing clippers.

A5 Blades

The Masterclip A5 premium toughened steel range of clipper blades offer over 25% more cutting edge than standard A5 blades for a faster, smoother clip and professional finish.

A5 blades are suitable for clipping all types of dogs and partial clipping on horses and ponies. They are designed to fit onto A5 clippers, such as the Masterclip Pedigree Pro, Cordless MD Roamer and Royale. Whatever your breed of dog you can be sure that Masterclip can help you find a blade best suited to their coat type. The Masterclip range of A5 premium clipping blades is extensive – finding your perfect match may be overwhelming - if you can’t find what you are looking for or need some guidance or grooming advice, please contact the knowledgeable team at Masterclip and we can help bespoke a blade set just for you and your dog!

Masterclip A5 blades are available as single units, blade packs - or if you require a tailored option Masterclip offer grooming-by-breed clipping sets that contain a selection of blades or comb guides specific to the breed of your dog and coat type. Wide format A5 blades are available for larger breeds of dogs and for horses with finer coats.

Blades can be paired with any of the clippers in the Masterclip A5 range – choose from  the mains powered Pedigree Pro A5 clipper or the cordless A5 MD Roamer clipper with two batteries.


There are many benefits to A5 blades:

  • Masterclip have a huge selection of A5 dog grooming blades A5 dog grooming blades to choose from - designed to suit different coat textures and characteristics.

  • Including Full tooth, Skip tooth and Wide format designs.

  • They are exceptionally easy to use and apply to your clipper with a snap on/ snap off fitting - no screwdriver or adjustment is required as the blades are pre-tensioned.

  • Masterclip A5 blades are made from hardened steel that enables them to stay sharper for longer and can also be reground multiple times, ensuring a long service life.

  • Masterclip A5 high precision snap on blades are designed to fit all clipper models that take the A5 blade system, such as the Andis AGC / Ultraedge, Wahl Moser, Oster Golden, Heiniger Saphir, Lister A5 clippers and Liveryman Harmony.

  • A5 blades are available in a wide range of cutting depths from a very short surgical 2mm (50F) cut to the longest blade that offers a 16mm cut (2 Skip).

  • Wide format blades are available in lengths ranging from 0.5mm (30W) to 6.4mm (5FW)

  • In addition to blades, Masterclip also offers a wide selection of easy-fit comb guides in a variety of different cutting depths. Masterclip metal comb guides are sprung loaded and fit on over a short cut blade such as a 10F or 30F. Comb guides will leave a finish on your dog that is plush but maintainable.

  • As well as brand new products Masterclip offer a range of ex demo clippers and blades. These can be found in the Warehouse outlet section of the website.

A5 Full tooth blades feature a full row of even teeth that will achieve a sharp, neat, velvety smooth finish. If your dog has a thicker coat but you still require a smooth finish then it is recommended to use a skip tooth blade in a similar length first in order to get the bulk of the coat thinned out.

A5 Skip tooth blades have a row of wider teeth designed to help feed a thick coat into the clipper blade. They are excellent for thinning out the coats of dogs with wiry, coarse or unruly fur. Skip tooth blades will leave a natural finish, maintaining the character of your dog’s coat. They are also a valuable tool in achieving a natural blended appearance or the popular teddy bear cut on poodle type coats. Skip tooth blades are ideal for blending short areas in with longer lengths for example from the body into leg furnishings.


Skip tooth blades versus Full tooth

Teeth on the skip tooth blades are set further apart to help feed the hair into the cutter, delivering a textured finish. Care must be taken around delicate areas. Full tooth blades will leave a plush, velvety finish and are ideal for smoother coats. Both Full tooth blades and Skip tooth blades are available in a variety of different cutting lengths. Masterclip offer free advice and guidance on dog grooming and can help you in choosing the right set of clippers and blades for your treasured pet.

Heiniger style heavy duty horse blades

Considered to be a more traditional style of clipping blade, Masterclip Heiniger style blades come as a two-part set comprising of a larger back comb and smaller cutter. Masterclip heavy duty horse blades are available in two different cutting lengths – fine and medium. The fine blade cuts to 1mm and is best suited for horse and ponies in heavy work such as hunting, and in equestrian sports such as higher level show jumping and eventing. This length of blade provides a very neat, short cut and is popular for clipping a range of different breeds and coat types. The medium 3mm blade provides a longer finish and is a suitable choice for the majority of equines. A short cut blade is ideal for any cobs that suffer with feather mites, the associated mallanders and sallanders or other troublesome skin conditions. Clipping the heavy hair on legs is a useful way to assist with treatment and allow healing.

The medium blade will leave more hair on the horse which will provide greater protection against the weather and the environment. These blades will leave a velvety smooth finish and are well matched to a variety of coat types from thoroughbreds to natives. They are a great blade to use for all over body clipping and full clipping to include the legs.

Top Tip for all Blades

Check your blades are cool throughout clipping by testing them on the back of your hand. If they are getting a little warm, remove them from the clipper and give them a quick brush over before replacing them and run a line of clipper oil along the teeth of the blade. Oil every 3-5 minutes or apply Andis cool care spray.

Lay the blade flat against the body rather than at an angle. You will need very little pressure and let the clipper do the work rather than pushing it through the coat.

And most importantly – enjoy the time spent with your pet! Grooming provides a valuable opportunity to bond with your animal friend and strengthen the relationship between you.

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