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Essential Dog Grooming Tips for A Healthier Coat

Tim Ryman |

Summers, whilst they are beautiful in many ways, can be a bit of nightmare when it brings with it scorching temperatures. Remaining cool becomes a mammoth task and one you have to face daily for months on end, and this is also especially true for your four-legged furry companion.

The heat not only mats their coat, but it can also make their skin extremely dry. The ever-increasing blistering temperature causes an extreme amount of panting and sweating, which ultimately results in bad breath and strong body odour. So, as you can imagine, it’s not always a great time for our furry pals.

Hygiene plays a vital role when it comes to keeping your canine hale and hearty! This is the sole reason why they might require additional grooming during sunny days.

Like humans, even dogs have to be groomed so that they look and feel their best. Besides, regularly grooming your dog helps you better comprehend their body type. By keeping an eye on the cleanliness of your furry buddy’s paws, ears and most importantly, their coat, you’ll not only become familiar with their standard weight, but you will also be able to spot atypical changes in their body, if there are any.

With summer already around the corner, we know that you might be concerned about making your pooch look super dashing on those warmer days. And luckily, the team at Mastercliphave got you covered!

Here are our top grooming tips to keep your best friend’s coat in tip top condition, so they look healthier and more adorable than ever.

Get dirt off their coat as soon as possible

We get it. It’s a hard task keeping your dog clean, especially because they love playing around in mud so very much. Generally speaking, bathing your dog once a month is a good number to go with. But depending on your dog’s coat and activity level, you may be required to clean them at intervals in-between.

Try not bathe your dogs too much though, as bathing your dog too much can be a bad thing. Try washing them down with water when they get muddy in-between baths or use some dog-safe pet wipes.

If you want to take particular care over what you are putting on your dog’s skin, you can opt to make your own wipes too. To prepare your own, simply soak some thick tissue in a mix of aloe Vera and dog-friendly essential oils. Alternatively, make your own pet wipes by using some all natural dog shampoo. Pop them in the fridge once you’re done and you’ll be all set to give your pooch a refreshingly cool wipe down whenever there’s been a bit too much involved during walkies.

Brush those tangles away

To maintain the healthy, well looked-after coat of your four-legged friend, you will need to brush your dog’s hair on a daily basis. Brushing your tyke regularly will mean that there are no unwanted tangles and knots and given that dogs tend to shed quite a lot, it will do wonders for the interior of your house if you ensure you brush your dog regularly – though outside, perhaps!

And instead of taking your pet to a stranger to get groomed, why not invest in a pair of dog hair clippers and do the deed yourself? Using dog clippers on your dog regularly during the summer months will be a godsend, for the both of you. It will help you to keep those allergies and dirt at bay. 

We are what we eat

Just like we are what we eat, even a dog’s coat wants some nourishment from the inside so that they can look good from the outside too. Try adding a teaspoon of any vegetable or sunflower oil – rich in omega-6 fatty acids – to a food supplement or during their mealtime to reinstate their coat’s natural oils. 

Equip yourself with the right tools

Having the right tools will mean that the process goes a lot more smoothly, which is certainly what you’re aiming for, especially when it involves having dogs anywhere near water!

There are a few essentials that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to bathing your dog, which include:

  • A non-slip bath mat. This will mean that both you and your dog feel calmer, so it’s definitely worth a visit to grab one before your dog’s next bath.
  • A bath restraint. There are hundreds of different products out there, but they essentially all do the same thing, which is keep your dog in place with a mini-lead attached to the wall.

Regularly grooming your furry buddy can make their fur look wonderful, meaning they get to step out in style even during the warmer seasons. But you’ll feel good knowing they are feeling just as fantastic too!

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