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European Plugs for Horse and Dog clippers

Tim Ryman |

Global Shipping

Due to the current exchange rate and the value of the pound, our clippers offer exceptional value for international customers.

eBay are now offering a Global Shipping Programme which means that they are able to despatch our orders to many countries across Europe, and further afield destinations including America, Australia and New Zealand.

2 pin European plugs are available for a wide range of our clippers including the medium duty Royale horse clippers and the Pedigree Pro A5 Dog Clippers, including all of our bespoke Dog Clipper Sets by breed. We also have a European 2 pin plug available for the Showmate trimmer which is suitable for general trimming on horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and even cattle!

Even though the majority of our heavy duty animal clippers have a UK 3 pin, these can be used in other countries with adaptor plugs and can also be shipped worldwide.

2 Pin EU Adaptor plug available to use with the Masterclip Showmate

Suitable for trimming dogs and horses.

 2 Pin EU Adaptor plug available to use with the Masterclip Pedigree and Royale Clipper.

These clippers are ideal for clipping all breeds of dog and also suitable for medium duty horse clipping, on light to medium density coats.


For more information on global shipping, please give us a call.

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