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How to Prepare your Dog and get them Show Ready for Crufts 2023

How to Prepare your Dog and get them Show Ready for Crufts 2023

Tim Ryman |

Masterclip Dog Grooming Accessories

With Crufts just around the corner we know that many of our customers will be preparing their dogs for the largest dog show in the world.  With that in mind we thought it would be good to remind you of all the dog grooming accessories we sell.  From scissors, to combs, brushes, rakes, stripping knives and nail clippers we have all the tools you need to prepare your dog for the big day.  We are best known for selling bespoke dog clippers but our affordable accessories are also a vital part of the grooming process and essential in a show dog’s grooming kit.  It is a long journey to get to Crufts for many owners with plenty of hard work along the way to bring the best of the breeds to the world class show.  A lot of the preparation is done well in advance with training, socializing, correct feeding for optimum condition and of course grooming and coat care.  It is now so competitive the dog needs to be in prime condition both inside and out in order to stand a chance of winning a coveted Best in Class, Best of Breed, Best in Group and the ultimate prize for one lucky winner - Best in Show.  At Masterclip we have award winning clippers and trimmers for all breeds of dogs but in this blog we are highlighting the accessories part of the business.

We will start with scissors as these complement the clippers and are a vital part in the completed grooming process.

Masterclip Dog Grooming Scissors

The complete scissors set is the best value set with 4 different cutting styles included; thinning, finishing, bull nose and curved.  Each scissor plays its part in the finished look.  We use scissors to feather, sculpt, level and create curves and accentuate the ribs, legs and tail.  Some breeds like a show Poodle require such a high level of coat care it is an incredible testament to the skills of the breeders and owners to create the ultimate show clip.  With carefully crafted pom-poms on the tail and back and bracelets on the legs the curved scissors are a must have to finish off the clip.  Thinning scissors are used for blending long hair into shorter hair leaving a natural finish.  They also take bulk out of coat and tidy up areas without leaving a blunt finish.  Bull nose scissors are safety scissors with blunt ends and ideal for around eyes and toes where extra care is needed.  The finishing scissors do clean straight lines where needed and leave clean straight lines along backs of tails, legs and around the ears

Masterclip Slicker Brushes

The slicker brush is the brush for removing loose hairs, dead undercoat and for smoothing the top coat, removing tangles and is ideal for separating the hairs in preparation for clipping. This is an ideal brush to use pre and post bathing and is suitable for all breeds. It has flexible pins and needs to be used carefully. Masterclip stock 3 different sizes for all sizes of dogs, small, medium and large. The slicker is an essential part of any dog grooming kit. 

Stripping Knives

Stripping knives are used to pull dead coat out of wire coated dogs. This process is called hand stripping. This is designed to preserve the character of the coat, keep it rich in colour and remove loose hairs and undercoat. Most terriers ideally should be stripped and most certainly anyone going to Crufts with a terrier will not have touched the coat with a clipper.

Coat Rakes

These rakes are used for pre-show preparation.  They pull out dead coat on shedding breeds of dogs leaving the top coat looking in top condition.   They are not intended for use on non-shedding breeds. They are easier to use than stripping knives and create a hand stripped effect.  The wider combs are the best ones to start with and then move to a narrow one to finish off. These are an ideal tool for all terriers and double coated dog breeds. These rakes need to be used with care as if they are used harshly they can injure the dog.

Combs and Nail clippers

Combs 7” Metal comb 
Flea combs
Small and Large nail clippers


We have a selection of extremely natural shampoos to bath the dog before the show.  Our Wildwash shampoos are free from nasties like parabens, sulphates and phosphates and use only herbs and essential oils to create delicious scents. They leave silky and residue free showing the coat off at its very best.

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