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When Skunks Attack – How to Remove The Stink From Your Dogs Coat

Tim Ryman |

Most dog owners will be familiar with the following scenario – you’ve gone to work for the day, grabbed dinner on the way home, only to open the door to be hit with an overwhelming smell of… well, dog. Sometimes a quick spray can sort the problem, but more often than not, it will take a proper bath and a good scrub to remove any unwanted smells.

Nonetheless, what is it that you can do if your furry buddy is hit by the mother of all bad smells? Yes, you guessed it right… we’re talking about that horrendous skunk smell.

Now, it’s important to note that a skunk is absolutely harmless most of the time, especially at a distance, but there are a few dogs who are just not capable of leaving them alone…

Are you worried that your dog might end up picking up such a smell? If so, worrying won’t really change anything and unfortunately, these things do happen sometimes. But to help remedy the situation, Masterclip have got a 3-step guide which will help you and your four-legged companion get rid of that sometimes-unavoidable smell.

These tried and tested remedies will definitely help you have your pooch smelling like roses – or at very least how a dog should…

Step #1 – Planning and containing

Before diving straight into how you can do away with the smell, let’s see to it that you’re completely prepared for the entire process.

  • Remain calm

It’s important to note that nothing truly bad can happen, besides the fact you’ll be hit with a foul-smelling scent for a day or so.  This is the moment when you’ve got to keep your cool, because your pooch might be too worked up to manage to calm down.

So, simply take a few deep breaths (perhaps away from your dog) and take control of the situation.

  • Take full control of the situation

It is always better to keep your furry buddy away from as much as possible if they get themselves into this situation, because the fewer items they touch, the less belongings you’ll need to de-skunk.

So, as soon as you come to know that your pooch has been hit by a skunk, isolate an area in your home or leave your dog outside if the weather is warm.

  • Time is of the essence

Skunk smell has a tendency to stick to any and every surface that it comes into contact with. And this means one thing – you need to start the treatment right away in order for it to be successful!

This is applicable not only to your dog, but also to you and the clothes that you’ll be wearing whilst helping to remove the smell from your dog’s coat. So it’s important to note that it won’t only be your pooch getting a good scrub in the bath after all of this…

Step #2 – Scrubbing the fur

If you are short on cash or desperate to get the smell gone, you can make your own dog wash using the simple mix below:

Here are the ingredients that you’ll need:

  • 1 quarter of 3% of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid soap
  • 1/4th cup of baking soda

Wondering why you should use hydrogen peroxide? Well, this is an ingredient used in almost every skunk-removal product since the oxygen released by it blends with the sulphur substance present in a skunk’s spray and neutralises the smell.

Before you apply the mixture to your dog, ensure that they’re completely soaked in water, be cautious and avoid their eyes. Let the mixture rest for 5mins and then scrub your pooch thoroughly.

If you’re finding it difficult to get hydrogen peroxide, then you can swap it with white vinegar as it dissolves the oil; moreover, it helps you keep the coat healthier!

Moving forward, it is a good idea to invest in a good quality dog shampoo to be best equipped for this sort of event in future.

Step #3 – Keep an eye for after effects

Now that you’ve completely scrubbed your beloved dog to the point that they smell sensational, you can finally sit back and relax. But, treating them won’t be enough, as you’ll have to constantly keep checking them every now and again. Though very rare, there are still a few dogs who experience some after effects, which in some rare instances can lead to anaemia,

Some common symptoms of this are brown urine, lethargy and black poop - if you happen to come across any of these, seek attention from your local vet.

So, that wraps up our quick and easy guide on how to overcome that god-awful skunk smell. If you want to remove bad smells from your dog’s coat generally, you should ensure that you regularly groom your pal with high-quality dog clippers to guarantee that they are as healthy as can be.

For further assistance or grooming advice, feel free to get in touch with the team at Masterclip for more helpful information.

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