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Rabbit Grooming Accessories

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A selection of professional scissors, brushes and combs that Masterclip have produced to help maintain your rabbit’s fluffy coat.

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Rabbit grooming accessories

As a rabbit owner you are going to need to right tools to groom your pet thoroughly and with ease. Choosing the right equipment can make the whole experience easier and more efficient. 

At Masterclip you will find premium quality grooming essentials that are designed with the comfort and well-being of your pet in mind. Masterclip’s range of rabbit grooming accessories will help keep your pet clean, safe and happy. 

Our accessories


High quality, professional standard scissors available as individual units or in scissor pack - Masterclip have a scissor combination perfect for you and your bunny. From a minor trim to full on coiffeur there is a scissor option that will suit. Thinning scissors double as a safety scissor and can be used for removing bulky areas of coat and for trimming around paws and particularly fluffy legs. Bull nose scissors are also very good for close cut shaping and maintenance – the perfect tool for sanitary trims!

Key features

•    Suitable for any rabbit breed

•    Comfortable grip

•    Sharp and accurate scissoring

•    For beginners or those more experienced groomers

Hard pin slicker

An effective tool for removing loose hairs and undercoat. Gentle on the skin and suitable for all breeds of rabbit.

Key features

•    Suitable for the paper-thin skin of rabbits

•    Rounded pins gently tease out loose undercoat

•    Enjoyable for your rabbit

•    Comfort grip handle

•    East to clean and remove hair from paddle

Flea comb

The teeth on the Masterclip flea comb are closely positioned to help trap any tiny particles in your rabbits’ coat. The stainless-steel teeth are easy to clean with warm, soapy water and are very durable. 

Key features

•    Simple and effective

•    Ergonomic handle with soft rubberised grip

•    Stainless steel teeth

•    Removes fleas, larvae, eggs and ticks without the need for chemical treatments

•    Right or left-handed use

For the detection and gentle removal of fleas, larvae, eggs, ticks and bugs from the coat without the need for pesticides or topical treatments. 

Nail trimmers

Wild rabbits naturally wear their nails through digging and scratching the soil to find food. 

Pet rabbits don’t need to work so hard to survive so their nails are not worn down naturally – and rabbit toenails grow rapidly – the only solution is to clip your rabbit’s nails at regular intervals. In order to trim your rabbit’s nails without any problems, incorporate nail clipping into regular grooming sessions. Rabbits are very sensitive to stress but if they become accustomed to handling of their feet this will help pacify them. Masterclip nail clippers are designed with a safety stop to prevent damage to the “quick” which can cause alarming bleeding (styptic powder is a useful standby to instantly stop bleeding).