5 Skip Premium Toughened Steel Blade = 6mm

5 Skip German Steel Blade = 6mm-Masterclip
5 Skip German Steel Blade = 6mm-Masterclip
5 Skip German Steel Blade = 6mm-Masterclip
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  • 25% more cutting edge
  • Size: 5 skip tooth
  • Cut: 6.0mm
  • Top Quality Premium Toughened Tempered Steel
  • Stays sharp for longer
  • Ideal blending blade
  • Gives a professional finish
  • ​Compatible with A5 clippers
  • FREE and fast delivery

With over 25% more cutting edge than standard A5 blades, the Masterclip Premium toughened steel range of dog clipping blades offer a faster, smoother clip for a professional finish. 

Good choice of blade to use before the 5F finishing blade.  These blades will cut to a depth of 6.0mm so an ideal choice for the long coat. A great blade to use for the bulk of the hair, before switching to the finishing blade, the number 5F. This skip tooth blade is perfect for blending short coats into longer lengths, as it feeds the coat into the blade more effectively, which will allow you to clip under lightly matted areas. These blades are compatible with Wahl, Oster, Andis, Lister and Liveryman clippers that take the A5 blade system.

Clipper Blade Information: Full Tooth vs Skip Tooth Blades

Skip Tooth Blades are used for rough cutting

  • Wider teeth to help feed a thick coat into the clipper blade
  • Excellent for coat thinning or blending, leaves a natural look
  • Suitable for all terriers and dogs with wiry or unruly coats

F Blades are used for coat finishing

  • Full row of even teeth
  • Ideal for a sharp show finish
  • Good to use after skip tooth blade
  • Size: 5 skip tooth
  • Top cutter - 22 teeth
  • Cut: 6.0mm
  • Top Quality
  • German Steel
  • Coarse cut ​
  • Compatible with A5 clippers
  • Blade width: 5cm