RCD Safety Adaptor

RCD Safety Adaptor-Masterclip
RCD Safety Adaptor-Masterclip
RCD Safety Adaptor-Masterclip
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Masterplug RCD Adaptor

The Masterplug RCD adaptor is a must for anyone using a mains powered clipper.

You may be putting your animal and yourself at risk if you do not use an RCD.

A residual current device, RCD, is an automatically operated electric switch designed to protect you and your animal, whilst you are clipping.

If the plug detects any electrical faults, it will interrupt the flow of electricity and will turn your clippers off. The RCD can then be reset.

This adaptor can be used with any 240v appliance.

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  • Rated voltage: 240V 50Hz,
  • Maximum current:13 amps
  • Maximum Load: 3120 Watts
  • RatedTrip Current: 30mA