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Clipper Blade Sharpening

Clipper Blade Sharpening - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

Clipper Blade Sharpening 

Masterclip premium A2 and A5 clipper blades are made from top quality, toughened steel for extra strength and longevity. With correct use and expert sharpening, these blades will last for many years so it’s worth sourcing a specialist when the time comes for your blades to be resharpened.


There are various methods of resharpening blades, but professional services usually offer sharpening with a grinding wheel, lapping wheel and oil stone wheel. Each type of clipper blade requires a different sharpening process, and they may be flat or hollow ground with a slight curvature. If a blade is sharpened using the wrong type of wheel or technique it can essentially ruin the blade, costing you more money by having to replace it. Expert sharpening ensures only the minimal amount of steel is removed during the sharpening process (micromilimteres) for a precision finish. This provides maximum longevity for your clipper blade, saving you money in long term as a single blade can be resharpened again and again.


At Masterclip, we do occasionally hear from customers that their blades do not cut as well as they did when brand new and often the cause is that the blades have not been sharpened using the right tools or given the best finish. Masterclip do not offer blade sharpening services but highly recommend Shear Ease Ltd. Their in-depth level of knowledge and skill backed with a fully equipped range of precision sharpening equipment will guarantee your clipper blades receive the best level of care. You can find detailed information from Shear Ease Ltd under their FAQ section.


 Above - This great photo was taken by one of our workshop technicians. This horse clipper came into us for inspection as the clipper, despite using freshly sharpened clipper blades was not clipping the coat. You can see how far back the blades have been ground which has not provided the correct cutting surface to allow the blades to cut. (The clipper itself had no issues).


The typical process of sharpening at Shear Ease Ltd. goes through these stages -


  • Blades are inspected for break, corrosion and wear.
  • Cleaned, with loose dirt and rust removed.
  • Sharpened using specialist equipment suited to the type of the blade.
  • Solvent cleaned to remove any ingrained dirt.
  • A5 blades – reassembled and tension re-set.
  • Tested on faux fur to check clipping efficiency.
  • Final clean and inspection.
  • Carefully Packaged for return delivery.


Based in Anglesey, Shear Ease Ltd offer a fast and free postal service to send your blades to them from anywhere in the UK with a quick turnaround time. They even provide robust, recycled plastic cases to return your blades to you that you can use for continued safe storage of your blades. Download their free postal form here.


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