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How to change the laminated springs on a Heiniger style clipper head

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How to change the laminated springs on a clipper that has a traditional Heiniger style head

Laminated springs are an important part of some heavy duty horse clippers that have the traditional Heiniger style head. From our range this includes the Ranger, HD Roamer and Multihead. Their job is to hold the blade carriage in place that moves the small cutting blade from side to side that provides the cutting motion of the blades.

The laminated springs can be seen inside the clipper head when you remove the blades.

Laminated Clipper Springs

Laminated springs are a consumable part of your clipper, so are expected to wear with use.

Heiniger Clipper Parts

It is difficult to say how long they should last as this will depend on how many horses you are clipping and what sort of coat types. Laminated springs tend to last about a year but again this can vary. If you are clipping dense dirty coats they will wear out in no time at all and can sometime snap if the tension is set too tight.

More often than not, laminated springs brake due to the user over tensioning the clipper. Over tightening the tension on your clipper will put undue strain onto the springs causing them the shear, so it is very important to ensure that you are setting the tension of the clipper to the manufacturer’s recommendation. This can differ between the various makes and models of clipper.

On a Lister style head the tension is screwed clockwise to the highest point and then given a couple of turns back, whereas the more traditional Heiniger style head needs to be tightened to the first resistance, then given a ¼ turn more, not cranked right up which can cause the laminated springs to snap.

With the Masterclip Ranger, HD Roamer and Multihead horse clippers, the tension must be tightened until the first resistance is felt, then given one extra ¼ of a turn to be set correctly.

Not only can over tensioning cause the laminated springs to break, but it can also make your clipper run hot and this is because too much heat is being produced due to the increased friction of the overtight tension. Damage can also be done to the motor of your clipper and the longevity of your clipper will be affected if the tension is set too high.

As a general rule, you should always run your clippers with the tension set as loose as possible where they are clipping effectively. This will benefit the clipper overall and reduce the amount of heat generated in the blades

Changing a laminated spring

It is very easy to change a laminated spring and here is a handy video guide to help you in changing this spare part on your clipper at home:

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