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Modernise Your Clipper – Upgrade your handset with the A2 clipper head

Modernise Your Clipper – Upgrade your handset with the A2 clipper head - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

Whilst traditional style clippers are great for standard clipping, modern techniques and needs has driven the design of innovative, easy to use clippers which can offer more variety.


Older Masterclip models with the traditional Heiniger style clipper head are only compatible with standard heavy duty clipper blades in a fine or medium cut, offering just a limited choice. These heads also require a bit of manual adjustment when positioning the blades onto the clipper head to ensure that the comb feeds the hair into the cutter properly to give the best clipping result. Particularly for users new to clipping, this could take a little while to get used to and to understand when the blade and tension are set just right.


This lead Masterclip to find a newer clipper head that would not only make using the clipper easier for our customers but also offer more choice of clip and improve the clipping experience. The modern A2 clipper headis very user friendly and simple to set up so is suitable for both novices and professionals. The A2 headincreases the range of clipper blades that can used with the clipper meaning a choice of longer and shorter clip lengths suitable for a range of coat types, seasonal clipping, showing etc and additional blades that can be used for clipping livestock from sheep, cattle, llamas and alpacas - ideal for small holders and farms.


Our new Hunter and HD Roamer clippers now come with the A2 head but if you have the older Ranger, Hunteror HD Roamer models with the traditional Heiniger style clipper head, can choose upgrade your clipper with a new A2 head. We are finding a lot of our customers are choosing to upgrade their older clipper models to provide more suitable clips for their horses whilst saving money on the need to buy a brand-new clipper.


Upgrading the clipper head is easy and can be done at home in minutes without the need to send your clippers away. Take a look at our YouTube guide here. Simply order your new A2 clipper head and A2 clipper blade of choice online from our website.


Heiniger head V’s A2 Head – why upgrade?

Heininger style clippers

  • Traditional clipper
  • Standard blades
  • Limited choice of clipper blades – fine or medium cut
  • Requires manual adjustment to set the blades
  • Will not cut effectively if the blades are not positioned correctly
  • Tensioning can be a little tricky for new users
  • Easy to forget to undo the tension before changing the blades causing tensioning issues.
  • Consumable parts inside the head – laminated springs
  • Square bolt can become jammed if not sitting square within the blade carriage/could fall out during blade changes.


A2 Style heads

  • Modern clipper
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to set the tension with arrow guide
  • Does not require manual adjustment so little chance of user error
  • Choice of clipper blades – superfine, fine, medium and coarse
  • Compatible with A2 livestock blade for shearing, dagging and clipping dirty cattle
  • Premium A2 blades made from toughened steel – longer lasting and harder wearing
  • Compatible with Lister A2 blades
  • No consumable parts inside the head (other than general wear and tear)
  • Superior clip quality

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