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No rust on us – a note on why you should oil and clean your blades

Tim Ryman |

We are fast approaching the horse clipping season again (which means winter is around the corner!)  and the customer service team here get lots of calls to help sort out blade related issues.   So here is some helpful information to read ahead of the season.

Blades are made of two parts, a comb and a cutter. 

The comb feeds the hair into the cutter.   These two pieces of metal rub past each other very fast and in turn create friction and then this can lead to heat.  The importance of regular oiling cannot be underestimated.  We recommend oiling the blades at least every 5 minutes whilst you are clipping and then again at the end of the clip.  We recommend that the blade is regularly inspected for dirt, grime or hairs that wedge themselves between the cutter and the comb.  This will immediately cause the blade to cut slower, cause heat to build up and in some cases stop the blade moving and seizing it up.  This can be rectified by dropping several drops of oil along the cutter and giving the blade a good brush with the brush supplied.   

Dry blades cause heat to build up too. 

If you imagine rubbing your hands together very fast you can feel the heat building and the blade mechanism works in exactly the same way.  You should always slacken the tension before removing blades for cleaning.  The blades should be brushed regularly too to remove small fine hairs.  We have some amazing photos of blades sent in to us jammed up with hair and customers with clippers no longer working.

For a small investment you can ensure that your clippers will be working optimally.

We recommend using Andis 5 in 1 blade care which has the following properties:-

  • Blade coolant
  • Disinfectant
  • Lubricant
  • Blade cleaner
  • Rust preventative
  • Reduces friction

Andis £14.99


Or Masterclip clipper oil 100ml - £4.99


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