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Coarse Blades for Horse Clipping

Tim Ryman |

At Masterclip, we offer a range of A2 blades that are also compatible with Lister clippers, from superfine cut 0.75, fine cut 1.5mm, medium cut 2.5mm and coarse blades that cut to 4.5mm.

The choice of finish or length of cut can be down to each individual’s preference and the needs of the horse. Eventers and horses in heavy, fast paced work tend to opt for superfine blades, whereas horses in regular work are usually clipped using a fine or medium cut blade.

Grey horses with pink skin are best to be clipped using a medium or longer cut blade to ensure there is a covering of hair left to protect the sensitive skin.

Coarse blades are ideal to use on very thick or dense coats such as natives, heavy horses and heavy cobs for the first clip of the season to remove the bulk of the hair. The larger gaps between the teeth of the blade allows for very thick coats to feed into the blade more efficiently.

Some owners may then opt to repeat the clip with a medium or fine blade for a smarter finish.

Masterclip’s Coarse blades are also useful for leaving a longer coverage of hair on the horse’s legs to offer more protection over the harsh winter months and to facilitate grooming muddy, plastered legs.

Coarse blades can also be used to give the look of a summer coat. This is the preferred choice of owners who intend to show their horses during Spring. They often clip with a coarse blade a couple of weeks before a show to ensure any clip lines have softened and to give the look of a horse that hasn’t been clipped.

Our range of Coarse blades are also ideal for clipping coats that have become unmanageable or those where the coat cannot be prepped before clipping.

Horses and ponies with Cushing’s can present such a scenario and clipping with a coarse blade first can really help this type of problematic coat.

Recently, professional equine groom Jillian Scott put the Masterclip HD Roamer cordless clipper to the ultimate test. Fitted with a set of the Masterclip coarse cut blades, she was able to clip these rescue ponies that had very long, dense, matted and dirty coats.

Here Jillian shares her experience with us on social media.

“Some photos of during clipping the rescues. Clips done using my two sets of Masterclip Clippers UK HD Roamers, one set up with a coarse blade to get the worst of the hair and matts out without any trouble, and one with a medium blade to go over everything at the end because coarse blades don't leave as nice a finish. 

Prime example of using the right tools for the job here. The roamer is the most powerful cordless machine I've used, and although sedated the ponies could still react, and cordless is safer.

Coarse blades first because they will go through the toughest of coats, young natives are particularly heavy and dense (these ones were sweating from sedation and heavily matted in places) and the other set of roamers with a medium blade to give a neater finish afterwards”

Below - clipping the heavily matted coat with the coarse cut blade and the resulting clip after switching to the medium blade. These ponies will be feeling much more comfortable, that’s for sure!

Thank you to Jillian Scott Clipper Services for sharing the images and feedback with us.

Check out Jillian’s social media pages @JillianScottClippingServices on Facebook and @Clipper.queen on Instagram.

For clipping advice and additional information on how to appropriately groom your horse, get in touch with the team at Masterclip today. 

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