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Which clipper blades should I use for my horse?

Which clipper blades should I use for my horse?

Loz Dorey |

Our range of heavy duty horse clippers offer a great selection of premium clipper blades to choose from, but how do you choose the most suitable blade to suit your horse’s needs and coat type? Our A2 clipper blades are available in various cutting lengths with a choice of superfine, fine, medium or coarse cut. We also offer matching blades for trimming for all all over seemless clip using our smaller A5 handsets and Showmate II trimmer. Find out more about each blade type below.


The A2 superfine blades are specialist, very short cut blades with a clipping depth of 0.75mm. These blades are preferred by top level eventers, showjumpers and working hunters and are only suitable for horses in very fast work and regular competition. At a clipping depth of 0.75mm these blades are generally used on the body of fine coated horses to leave a neat, silky smooth finish. They are also used for surgical prep for veterinary surgery and treatment. 

This very close clip provides a very easy to care for coat that aids rapid cooling by facilitating quick washing down and drying off. Clipping a coat this close requires careful management, particularly in warmer weather and is not suitable for light grey horses or those with sensitive pink skin. They can be closely matched with the A5 30F narrow blades and 30FW wide blades for the Masterclip medium duty Royale, Pedigree Pro and cordless MD Roamer clippers and also the Showmate II trimmer, which offers a very close cutting depth using the dial on the trimmer blade.



The A2 fine cut blades are used by the majority of riders for a smooth, smart finish. This close cut of 1.5mm will suit a variety of horses for varying workloads and is suitable for partial or full clipping. They can also be used for close clipping of the legs, removing heavy feathers and for hogging. For horses with coarse/very coarse coats, (or long coats such as with Cushing’s) it may be beneficial to use a medium or coarse blade for the first clip, especially if the coat is not able to be bathed beforehand to preserve the sharpness of the blades. Fine blades are best to use on horses with darker coats or those that are darker skinned as this close clip can show the pink colouration of the skin through a lighter coat. For a matching clip when using medium duty clippers, the A5 10F and 10FW clipper blades offer the same cutting depth of 1.5mm and 1.6mm – ideal for a fully clipping the head and clipping around tricky areas such as the heels.



Medium cut blades will suit the majority of horses and are suitable for all coat types, for partial or full clipping. Our A2 medium blades leave a clip length of 2.5mm and provides a standard clip which gives a good covering of the skin, making the this blade the ideal choice for any colour of coat including greys and those with white patches. This is a great blade choice for clipping the legs, removing feathers and hogging too. You can achieve a close match to this blade using the 3.0mm 7F and 7FW A5 clipper blades for medium duty clippers or using the Showmate II trimmer with the 3mm guard. There is also the medium finish 7 Skip blade which leaves a textured finish for a more natural look for thinning the feathers, clipping the legs and blending.



Coarse blades are becoming increasingly popular particularly for show horses, cobs and for summer clipping. With a longer cut of 4.5mm, our A2 coarse blades are well suited to clipping long, coarse hair, although the finish isn’t a coarse, rough cut as the name might suggest. Our A2 coarse blades have less teeth on the comb (just 24) with wider spacing to allow for thick, coarse hair to feed into the cutter effectively. This makes them ideal for clipping horses with dense, coarse hair such as cobs, for a first clip for horses with a long, dirty or matted coat that cannot be bathed (such as Cushing’s) where fine blades with closer spaces teeth may struggle to manage or blunt quickly.

Our A2 coarse blades leave a long but smooth finish and are similar to the popular ‘covercote’ clipper blades to produce a longer clip akin to the horse’s natural summer coat.  Longer clipper blades are much sort after by the showing community who want to retain a natural, unclipped look to the coat, especially for cobs, natives and heavier breeds during show season and for Autumn clipping in preparation for HOYS. Combined with blending the legs, this blade gives a seamless but natural show finish. They’re also a handy blade to have in the spring to tidy up the growing coat of the long whispery guard hairs (or guard hairs) for a neat finish. To match the coarse clip, we have 6FW 4.8mm cut and even longer 5FW 6.4mm cut blades for A5 medium duty clippers, which can be used for more intricate detailing, clipping around the head, giving extra coverage and protection to the legs or for blending the legs.



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