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When should you do the last clip?

When should you do the last clip? - Masterclip

Tim Ryman |

January? March? Never?

There are many theories as to when is the right time to carry out the last winter clip for your horse so that it doesn’t interfere with the new coat growth in Spring. However, the traditional rule of not clipping after January is not necessarily true for all horses and is dependent on your horse’s breed, workload, competition requirements and welfare.

  • Horses with thicker coats may require clipping all year round to keep them comfortable during work.
  • Horses with heavy feather may need to have their legs clipped short to keep on top of skin issues or to help control feather mites.
  • Cushing’s horses will benefit from regular body clipping all year round or through the warmer months to help temperature regulation.
  • Competition horses in hard, fast work may be clipped very short all year round to reduce energy lost by sweating.
  • Horses with lighter colour coats or show horses may benefit from the having their last clip early on in the year so that the true colour of their summer coat can come through. This may help to stop the new coat looking patchy and to blend in any clip lines ready for the summer show season.

When do you do your last clip?

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