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Spring Clipping: Eliminating Cat Hairs & Clipping Tips for Show Ready Horses

Spring Clipping: Eliminating Cat Hairs & Clipping Tips for Show Ready Horses

Lauren Dorey |

If you've recently performed the last winter clip for your horse and are now letting their coat grow out for spring, you might notice a phase where they appear a bit untidy before their summer coat comes though. The emergence of long guard hairs, often referred to as 'cat hairs,' becomes evident, particularly under the jaw and down the back of the legs. These lengthy and sparse guard hairs are nature's way of directing rain and snow away from the coat during the winter months. To keep your horse or pony looking smart though this stage of coat growth, there are few options to keep these whiskery hairs in check.


If you just want to trim those extra-long hairs to achieve a tidy appearance, our Showmate II cordless horse trimmer proves to be the perfect tool for efficiently removing these stray hairs from the most noticeable areas. The Showmate can either be used by simply brushing lightly over the areas of most concern to whisk the hairs away or used with one of the included comb guides to run over areas of the body for an even finish. This ultra-quiet handy trimmer is perfect for tidying beards, legs, sensitive and hard to reach areas and is suitable for the most nervous of horses. As demonstrated with Alice Fox-Pitt here and Fiona Davidson Eventing here.


For a polished and uniform trim across your horse's entire coat, opt for a heavy-duty clipper equipped with a longer cutting blade for an efficient and hassle-free clip. For some horses, the new coat growth may come through a little uneven. This can be easily tidied up with an all over clip to level out the length while skimming over the top layer of hair.

The use of longer cutting clipper blades for horses have gained in popularity, especially amongst those in the showing community. Clipper blades that leave around 5mm of hair such as ‘Covercote’ blades prove invaluable during seasonal coat changes, effectively eliminating stray hairs without hindering the new coat growth for a more natural finish.

Particularly adept at managing summer coats, they also retain more colour compared to shorter blades that clip closer to the skin. Our equivalent longer cutting A2 coarse blade is the ideal choice for your Masterclip clippers. Despite their name, the A2 coarse blades produce a smooth and even finish leaving 4.5mm of hair to give your horse a more natural looking clip, akin to their summer coat and enhance their appearance. You can see our cordless HD Roamer clippers used with the A2 coarse blades here.

Masterclip A2 coarse blades and 5FW 6.4mm cut & 6FW 4.8mm cut A5 blades


Alternatively, medium duty horse clippers such as our Masterclip Royale or MD Roamer A5 clippers, equipped with a 6FW, 5FW, or narrow A5 blades, are suitable for trimming or skimming the entire coat, with the option to use comb guides for added length. These clippers are a great choice for owners of cobs where a more powerful trimmer is required for removing and tidying feathers and hogging with a wide variety of cut options to fully customise and seamlessly blend a full clip for the show ring. You can see our cordless MD Roamer clipper used with a narrow 5 skip blade here. 

TOPTIP - If your horse or pony has only had a partial clip throughout the winter (such as blanket etc.) you may consider clipping the entire coat as the weather becomes milder to reduce the chance of any clip lines or different colour patches showing when the summer coat comes through.

Exmoor pony clipped with the Masterclip A2 coarse blades by @M.G_ponies


To promote healthy coat growth and shine, a well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in promoting a glossy, summer coat. Regular grooming will help to distribute your horse's natural oils over the coat, enhancing its shine. If possible, bath your horse and allow the coat to fully dry before clipping and hot cloth after clipping to restore shine and leave a flawless finish.  

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