Preventing Blowfly and Flystrike in Sheep

Blowfly are a parasite that tend to affect sheep between April to October when the weather is usually warmer and humid.  The flies are attracted to the odours of the sheep including urine and faeces trapped in the fleece and excessing sweating caused by a heavy fleece. The blowflies then lay eggs on the fleece resulting in maggots known as Fly strike.

Flystrike is potentially fatal so prevention is key to keeping flystrike at bay. Flystrike tends to occur over the sheeps loins, shoulders, neck, back, throat, shoulders, bottom or abdomen. Symptoms can vary from vigorous shaking, foot stamping, gnawing or rubbing of the bottom. The wool becomes discoloured and matted can have a distinctive smell.

Along with topical ‘pour on’ treatments, regular dagging or crutching starting from early April can reduce the possibility of sheep becoming flyblown and must be continued every four to six weeks.

Our range of sheep shears offer varying shearing and dagging options for small or large flocks, and even multi-head options for clipping other animals such as cattle and horses.

Ewe 2000

The Masterclip Ewe 2000 is an air cooled 200w mains powered sheep shearing machine. A lightweight shearer with a permanent magnetic motor which is suitable for all year round dagging and shearing. Ideal for small flocks and available as a multi-head option for clipping cattle or horses.

 ewe 2000


Ram 3000

The Ram 3000 is an air cooled 300w mains powered heavy duty sheep shearer that is extremely powerful and suitable for shearing and all year round dagging. Ideal for larger flocks and available as a multi-head option for clipping cattle or horses.

Ram 3000 trimmer 


HD Roamer Cordless Shears

The HD Roamer is an air cooled cordless shearing machine that is ideal for light shearing. It comes with a set of dagging blades,100ml of clipper oil and is presented in a sturdy silver carry case. Shearing blades are also available. Ideal for having to hand for quick dagging jobs. Also available as a multi-head option for clipping cattle or horses.

HD Roamer


Other options

Other options for small holders or those with a small flock of sheep are our V-series and Hunter horse clippers that can be used with a specialist livestock blade. Find out more by clicking here.

Or give us a call on 0116 2796900 for more details.

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