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What to look for when purchasing new clippers

What to look for when purchasing new clippers - Masterclip

Loz Dorey |

What to look for when purchasing new clippers 

Your clippers are an investment that can last for many years with the right care and proper use. With so many different makes and models on the market and it can be daunting to choose which clipper manufacturer would be the best fit for you. Here are our top tips for making a sound purchase.


1) Does the clipper company offer a warranty and how is this supported?

Electrical goods should come with a 2 year warranty but when you’re buying online or through a third party, figuring out how this is supported can be tricky. At Masterclip, all of our clipper models come with our full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. We also only sell our products directly to our customers so you will only need to contact us directly should you experience an issue.

2) How easy is it to contact the manufacturer and are they based in the UK?

If your manufacturer is based outside of the UK or you need to go through third party sales, problems can take (sometimes a very long) time to resolve. Not ideal if you need to get your clippers working quickly. Our own dedicated customer service centre is based in Leicestershire, and we are easily contactable by phone, email, whatsapp or through our social media pages. Our team are all animal owners themselves and have a great knowledge of our clippers to help you to decide which clipper would be best fit for you, if you need advice.

3) How easy is it to source spare parts or extra blades and are they genuine?

Smaller manufacturers may not offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for your clipper so if a part breaks or needs replacing this can mean the clipper cannot be repaired. Masterclip offer a full range of genuine spare parts and clipper blades for all our clipper models, available with free next working day delivery from our website. We also have spare parts available to purchase direct from us on our eBay store and Amazon UK with Prime delivery available.

4) Does the manufacturer offer repairs or servicing?

All clippers should be serviced at regular intervals to ensure consumable parts are replaced and the inside of the clipper is cleaned and maintained to work optimally. It’s well worth researching where you can get your clippers serviced before purchase to avoid problems down the line. Bear in mind that some service companies may need to order parts from the manufacturers to service or repair your clipper, which can also take extra time. At Masterclip, we have our very own workshop based in Leicestershire to offer servicing and repair for all our clipper models with our experienced in-house technicians. They can also offer technical advice over the phone and in some cases, a repair can be done without having to send your clippers to us. We also hold parts for our older models so even if your clippers are many years old, we can still support our customers with repairs and servicing.

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