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Preparing for horse clipping season

Preparing for horse clipping season - Masterclip

Tim Ryman |

Preparing for horse clipping season

It’s only a few weeks until September which marks the beginning of the busy horse clipping season. If your clippers have been stored over the summer, it’s time to check them over and make sure everything is in good working order and they are ready for use.

Here’s our checklist to get your clipping season off to the best start.

  • Check your clipper is clean and dry and has been stored away from damp.
  • Check over the handset and cable for any signs of damage.
  • Remove air filters and clean if necessary.
  • For clipper models with a Heiniger style head, check inside the clipper head and ensure that the laminated springs are intact and the square bolt is in position.
  • For newer clipper models, check the tension set is complete - comprising of tension screw, spring and bolt.
  • Check the clipper blades are not missing any teeth and are rust free. Replace any broken
  • Check the levels of your clipper oil and cooling spray are adequate and order more if required.
  • Ensure clipper blades are freshly sharpened and you have at least 2 or 3 sets of blades of each type for full clipping. This ensures you have a spare set ready to hand incase one set should go blunt mid-clip. Send blunt blades off for resharpening.
  • Familiarise yourself with changing the blades and how to set the tension correctly as per the clipper manual to save time (and possible confusion) during clipping.
  • Using an RCD, plug the clipper in and check it is working and running as it should. For battery clippers, charge and test each battery.

If your clippers have not been looked at for a while, or you’re in any doubts, send your clipper to us for servicing or repair by our dedicated workshop team. A service will ensure your clippers are primed ready for the autumn and winter season. Our technicians will replace any consumable parts and open the handset to remove accumulated hair to prevent overheating. Book your clipper service with us here.  

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